Georgia goes to University Part 006

Is that what that machine by your window is?” she asked.
I had to explain what it was and how it worked, and tell her that we could not move it away from the window. As she started to ride it I kept telling her to look at different windows in the students block telling her that the people that we could see were all watching her. She looked cute as her first orgasm arrived and I told her to stay put until she’d had 2 more.
I also told her to come to the party the next day naked. At first she wasn’t too happy about that but when I reminded her what had happened at the last party, and that I wasn’t going to put any clothes on, she happily agreed saying that it would be good to let the guys have a good look at her body again.
I decided not to tell her about the spanking club or the orgasm club meetings, only telling her to keep those dates free and that it was a surprise.
I did however, tell her that she was going to get her nipples pierced and her now stubble all around her pussy removed the following Tuesday morning. She was happy about the hair but not so sure about the piercings.