Imc London site restyling - graphics and screengrabs

Collaborative working area for those interested in the restyling of Imc London website. For uploading working graphics and screengrabs with discussion

Screengrab of imc London restyling (10 March 2010)


10 March 2010:

I’m not sure about those black lines. The dots are kinda nice, but have you gotten the better graphics of tony? Maybe we should try and get him to upload some graphics stuff to the wiki then there could be more to pick from.

Also I know opinions are divided on the black and white boxy things on the headings, but I really liked them and it’s sad to see them gone…

Another thought: I totally agree with what you said at the last meeting about having a clearer division between the types of content by using colours and stuff. And it’s kinda working this way, dividing it by columns. But at the same time, the uk cities list, info pages, login and tags are navigation elements, while the other media is content like the events and articles wires. Maybe it would make sense to go with that for different heading styles, but then, maybe that would just point out how jumbled up the frontpage looks right now?


ah, one more thing: it would be great to change the colours of the tag clouds, the red and pink aren’t really going together very well.


Hey, thanks everyone for all this work! .. your rock!

Just a few minor comments:

- I only have one ‘big’ problem with it: The size of the titles of the features. I think the typefont is far too big. To me, visually, they don’t fit well with the size of the font in the text.

- Te dots: One of the things i was more unsure when I first saw the new design was the yellow dots under the wires. Paradoxically, now is one of the things i like most! I’ve noticed that in the screenshot these have become black. I think this makes the front page quite heavy, and personally i rather them in colour.

- The titles of the wires and the different sections. Now these have become white square boxes. I prefer the ones originally put by Alan.