most of the content hast been moved to buttons and icons


as I explained during the presentation of the wireframes, one thing that the site needs is more visual buttons and in-site navigation. This can happen in two ways and I guess a mix is best:

  • creating graphic buttons using images (like currently the publish button)
  • having a button layout defined in the stylesheet

while creating graphic buttons using images is more stylish and all that, it would mean having an image file per button, and we should keep the number of image files down and only use this for the most important ones, while defining a generic button look in the stylesheet for most buttons, that makes them graphically stand out more than the current look (just like any old link). I went through the site and wireframes, collecting all that I could find. Please add and amend. I’m including a short description, however feel free to edit this wiki, this is a first draft and will likely need more work and thinking.

clarification: I do not mean to create individual styles for all the buttons marked with stylesheet, but to have one generic one, that is applied to all of them and makes them clearly distinguishable as part of the navigational structure rather than part of the content.

note: we have been talking about changing the icons to go with the new style (see this discussion), so the buttons should not be modeled on the current icons.


I really like the idea of the publish button and user profile being moved to top right of the page in the header, though think that adding publish short cuts makes the box a bit cluttered. Personally I’d be fine with large simple Publish button and then going through to the publish page where I can pick what type of content I want to add. The full publish page is good because it has an explanation of each type of content for the uninitiated.


The shortcuts are meant for people who publish regularly, as they have mentioned that it can be quite annoying to have the extra clicks + scrolling to get to the actual publish page. I guess if the changes to the wireframes were implemented, it would be down to 3 little icons: links, events and news. The icons aren’t supposed to be self explanatory, and I would suspect anyone coming around for the first time, would hit the big publish button.

I’d like to try both and see if it can work, as it seems important to react to the feedback we get.


I added buttons for previous and next day, month, year whatever. currently we are using > and < which is kinda unpretty