New Design Discussions 2010

saw something you wanted to mention, but that doesn't really fit anywhere else? Post it here!

Hey there, so, I put up this group discussion, as I just had a thought about the new design and didn’t know where to put it. So here it goes:

The frontpage has gone all wonky again, because there is another 3 line title in a subfeature. I think we had that problem before and the thing is people already complain about the limitation in title length, so we can’t make them any shorter. This means we have to find another way of dealing with having varying heights of the subfeatures. I solved this problem in the old layout, by setting a minimum height on the subfeatures, that correspondet to a three line title. Another advantage of doing that is that the title of the two lower subfeatures still line up, but it also means havng some additional white space if no title is longer than three lines.

Not sure if this is the way to go, but it would be a fairly easy and fast fix. And we should fix this, it’s just no good having the other media and shit go all loopy on us.


That sounds like a plan. I had no idea how it could be fixed, only that it’s not really working! Good thinking, mara.


I’ve attempted to address this problem in the latest version of the design imc london site restyling graphics and screengrabs

and html/css uploaded at alan s draft design+43515

I’ve not done the fixed height for the reason you mentioned, but that would be my fall-back if it doesn’t work for the 3 lined headlines.


Just checked and the latest css adjustments seem to allow for sub headlines running 4 lines each, so that should be enough no?


yeah, i think there’s never more than 3 line titles. there’s a character limit, yoss should know what it is. We should try and get the new version up on the test site at (just noticed that that has to be fixed first).

Just because I’m curious, what did you do to fix it?


checked on it and the maximum length for titles is 50 characters.


ok, so here goes the next random issue:

I’m trying to clean up the html right now, and just fixed some problem with a tag on the tumble wire. It doesn’t look nice and I’d like to get rid of the horizontal ruler entirely, but if I do this now, the byline with the little star, icon and date moves up and seems to go with the picture above rather than be the heading for the picture below. If you could do something about that in the sylesheet, that would be awesome and I would gladly abandon the horizontal rulers for a better future.


and another one: on the events list view, we are currently using ‘>>’ and ‘<<’ for navigation, but that one could really do with some real buttons. It came up in some other discussion, that the navigation is barely visible this way. And using the > throws up annoying html errors. is now fixed, and mara can deploy code onto that site when necessary.


Alan, it appears to me as if the new design you’ve attached (with the black polka dots) is still doing the flappy-flappy thing in the “other media” columns (at least on Maqui’s monitor in FF3.0). So I am not sure but you might want to take a second look at that if you get a moment.

Also, feel free to just nominate a time for me to roll over to your place and install Hyperactive so you can crank away on it.


u.n. found another problem today: If the abstract of the feature is too short (less than 7 or 8 lines = the height of the picture), the subfeatures move up, and everything gets out of place. In a way I guess this is also a minimum height problem and could be solved by assigning the minimum height of the thumbnail to the main feature? Or maybe there’s a more elegant way of doing this…


Hiya, sorry for being away from this for a few weeks and thanks for the feedback. I should be able to give some more time to this soon.

I think to progress much more with the design I need to look at the page templates to see if I can add more css ids and classes. Hopefully I can really get to address the layout issues that are occurring.

Yoss, I will email you about getting a hyperactive install, thanks for the offer.


Yoss and Mara, do you think you could upload a screengrab of the issues you have encountered? (or just email to me)
for u.n.‘s short abstract issue and Maqui’s othermedia columns mis-layout I cannot recreate these issues, I’m viewing in FF3.5, Opera 10


Hi Alan, I’ve replicated the problem with the too short abstract on the main feature, you can check it out here:
It’s easy to fix by adding a few lines to the abstract.

I’ve also put a three line title in the subfeatures, so if you temporarily fix the feature (by going here: and adding a line to the abstract, login is admin, password is password, don’t forget to scroll down to safe the changes) and go back to the frontpage, you can see how that messes with the layout of the subfeatures and other media.

The problem with the three line subfeature titles is that they shouldn’t happen with the character count, but do happen because of the line breaks when long words are in the wrong places and the width isn’t being used fully. It could be solved by forcing a linebreak there I guess, but that would look pretty bad.


I attached 2 screenshots per problem, see right sidebar. btw, feel free to mess with, you’ve got the admin login. On that site it wasn’t possible to replicate some of the problems before, because the mainpage snippet (wide textbox between the subfeatures and other media wire) was active. I took it off for the time being. It can be enabled by loging in, and on the account page going to admin pages – add or edit snippets – create new or edit existing, selecting the main startpage snippet option from the dropdown.

hope this helps


Just noticed a weird thing: the link in the snippet is blue instead of pink and stays blue with a turquois underline when hovering. Screen shot:

Not that I mind, but how would that suddenly happen?


the indy London site does not have that tip of the day showing now, but it might have a style applied to it from the place it was copied/pasted from. Best to strip away any source formatting from text the make it a link again to see if the blue goes away.

ps. I’ll have time this week to work some more on the website.


heyhey, been thinking a bit about the next steps forward, and I have three things on my mind right now:

  • A first minor issue is the img04.gif and events icon which are both red as well as the tag cloud colours. Those are not going too well with the pink. I’d take a crack at it, but you’d probably come up with a better solution.
  • The second thing I have in mind are some button design: right now navigational buttons look exactly the same as content links. It would probably help with the navigation of the site if they would be distinguishable immediately.
  • The second issue are the important sites apart from the frontpage, that need some love. The newswire page, account page, groups page as well as all the publish pages. I did some thinking about them a little while back and made some wireframes. The developers told me at the recent hyperaction summit that in order to take this forward they would need to see html mock ups of those pages. If you would be up for this, I’d be thrilled. I’m happy to help out, but just don’t really know what I’m doing here.

let me know if any of this grabs your fancy or if I can help with anything else.


the site is looking a bit weird right now. I recently moved the Publish Button in the header so it would be accessible from anywhere on the site. Someone called ‘hanky’ apparently moved it back:

It looks a bit fucked and has the header background behind it.

I can’t figure out who hanky is or how to get in touch with them, any ideas? Alan are you hanky?


Yea was going to mention – the site looks weird in IE and in Firefox.
The publish button is sitting in the black/grey/white grid area above the ‘promoted newswire’ heading in IE. I also noticed that this change has messed with the ‘login’ and tags areas when editing posts. I think it’s all related to the publish button.

Word, cp


also the publish forms are messed up, spilling over into the right sidebar. No idea where that comes from.