Events Guidelines

Featured Events

  • relevant to social change
  • one of / irregular events
  • free entry or fundraiser for campaign
  • non-commercial events
  • events not organised by big NGO’s or political parties.
  • events organised by grass roots campaigns and groups.

Promoted Events

  • events relevant to social change
  • regular events
  • events organised by grass roots campaigns and groups.
  • non-commercial events

Open Wire Events

  • events that do not merit prmotion, but are not breaching the Editorial Guidelines
  • events that have all caps titles (moderators can either decap titles if they want to promote events, or ask the posters to do so, if they want to promote such an event)

Hidden Events

Read Email list discussion thread-


There has been some confusion about the guidelines for promoting/featuring events, so I figured we should nail some down. It’s always going to be somewhat vague, but better some than none. I started with writing down what I remembered from previous discussions, please edit/amend.


I have added some bullet points in both ‘featured’ and ‘promoted’ events. Also added link to the email list discussion thread.


The offer of help and assistance is welcomed for the general perception of the society. The skills of the soc 2 certification
is encouraged for the forms. The partner is filed for the use of the options for the utility based element for the changes in this ambit.


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