membership criteria

who is imc london?

Imc London is an open collective and we always welcome new members, just say hi on our email list, or drop in to one of our open and public meetings.

While new people are always welcome, and we encourage everyone to get involved, it may take some time to get up to speed. We’re working on several layers and have a lot of starting points to get involved: get involved on our email list, or come to one of our meetings. We are also always looking for more moderators for the site, just get in touch if you want to help out and we will arrange a training.

While we use the internet a lot for communication and organising, the real foundation of the London collective are the meetings. We currently meet every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank (it’s a big place, so get in touch first to make sure you’ll be able to find us!).

Obviously there’s lots of ways to contribute, and we appreciate everything people do for us. In order to be more seriously involved with the collective, we all commit to the following:

  • be at the meetings more or less regularly (meaning be there more often than not)
  • participate on the email lists
  • take some form of responsibility for the site and the project, or get involved in other non web based initiatives such as film screenings, talks, presentations, stalls at events, or in the production of IMC-London printed materials. The choice is yours!
  • participate in the collective’s process and initiatives in a cooperative, positive and constructive manner, thereby agreeing with and upholding the IMC-London Mission Statement

CP approves this document.


me too


the bristol ones are also interesting:


maqui too …. approves it i mean. and as mara has asked about deciding on this proposal several times (both in lists and meetings) i guess everyone has had enough time to read them by now. so, i would take the non-responses as ‘yeses’ or ‘yup, i don’t have a problem with this’ … so we could finally declare it as passed, no?


I think we decided, at the last meeting (3 June) to put this up on a public crabgrass page and link it online, but not have it directly accessible on the IMC London website.

Bristol one’s are interesting and good. E.g. the ‘right to personal life’ thing is pretty cool…and then whole ’you’ll get trained on how to use the site’ is also a nice thing, reassuring that people don’t get thrown in the deep end…might be worth revisiting these guidelines in a year or so, when new folks are involved (hopefully!)



Yeah, this is the public crabgrass page and it’s linked from the info section on the wiki.


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Thanks for the info! Looking forward to getting involved and meeting everyone at the upcoming meetings.