Mobile Publish

Announcing the new mobile IMC-London features introduced in August 2009.

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In August 2009 IMC-London went mobile!

Coinciding with the Camp for Climate Action that was taking place in town, a series of new features were introduced so people could use the website whilst on the move.

With people using their phones more and more to access the internet, we spent a bit of time to make a version of Imc London that is mobile friendly, check it out at

This means that you not only can check out a reduced version of the site from your mobile phone, but you can also publish to it using SMS or your phone camera. To allow this, we also introduced a new form of posting: the tumble. This is basically a simplified publish form that you can also use from your mobile phone, and your mobile report will appear straight into the Tumblewire, which is linked form the website’s front page.

These features are brand new, so if something doesn"t work or you find any bugs, please let us know!