Process For Disputed Articles

this process has been agreed at the meeting on 16-06-09

  • a disputed article can never be promoted or featured
  • everyone can take part in the discussion on the moderation list, but active moderators make the final decision
  • if a dispute is not resolved within a couple of days, the meeting decides
  • if there is no meeting within a week, a meeting has to be called
  • the meeting that discusses the dispute will be advertised on the london list AND the london-moderation list, to make sure all moderators are aware of it


I think a disputed article could be promoted or featured. For example the piece is edited by the author in response to complaint or the person complaining withdraws their complain on being given explanation and reassurance from others.

The other points all sound fine.

If the default position were to be that a disputed article stays hidden (which I think is correct) then I’d suggest that the article does not stay in dispute if only one person maintains that it should be hidden. In other words, although one person is all that is required to place an article in dispute, it takes at least two people to keep it there.


We’ve discussed this at the last meeting. What you say sounds like you’re thinking about mir rather than hyperactive. The difference being that the disputed article would not show up on the frontpage on top of the wire when it is disputed.

The part about promoting or featuring is irrelevant as everything you mention would amount to a resolution of the conflict and the article would not be disputed anymore at that point.


Yes, I think ben is thinking mir. A disputed article, I understand, is one that some people think should be hidden and some people think it should not.

Of course when this happens it should never be promoted or featured!

And I agree with the other points too.


Yeah, that’s one of the beauties of having a promoted front page imho. In MIR a dispute like this would mean that either the article gets hidden or it is allow in the front page open wire.

In Hyperactive, a disputed article stays in the Open Wire (one click away) and doesn’t make it to any of the promoted wires of the front page. Depending on the result of the discussions around a disputed article, this would either end up being left on the open wire one click away from the front page, be allowed to become a promoted (or maybe even featured) article, or maybe decide to hid it altogether.

I personally think that for the moment there’s no need to hide the articles under dispute by default – unless the majority of admins believe that contravene the editorial guidelines of course. But in my opinion I also think that they should never make it to the front page until the dispute has been resolved following the agreed process.

Anyway, I also agree with the process proposed here.