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So, you are ready to make your own news. That’s great. If you are new here, check out welcome to IMC London and the functions of our shiny new site or download our more in depth publishing guide.

When writing, remember the importance of explaining the  “who, why, where, when, how”, other people might not know about your struggle or the subject you are talking about. Run a spellcheck and include links so people can find out more about the context of your issue. If your article is a fascinating read, it will be promoted, but any commercial, abusive or discriminatory content will be hidden. Check the editorial guidelines and mission statement to find out more. And please help with the moderation by using the “report or administer” link at the bottom of each text, if you think it should be hidden or promoted.

Publishing on Indymedia is easy, just follow the appropriate link and fill in the form. If you want to be able to edit your article later on, you can create an account. If you’re involved in a group or campaign, you can make your own group page, just like a blog on Indy.

The London Indymedia site has a local focus, if you want to publish something that is not related to London, you can do that on Indymedia UK.

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Security Certificates are the digital equivalent of a government issued identification card. Certificates, however, are usually issued by private corporations called certificate authorities (CA), which charge 200 £ a year for these certificates. Indymedia UK has, instead, chosen to use CA Cert, a free and non-profit certificate authority. Technically, there’s absolutely no difference in the level of encryption provided by this certificate and there’s nothing wrong with it, but unfortunately Firefox declined to include CA Cert as a (community-run) certificate authority and additionally instituted a really brutal process for certificate acceptance in the newest browser version.

Please accept the connection by adding an exception. Alternatively you can install the Ca Cert Certificate in your browser, so the warnings will not show up for any website using these certificates. For more information and to find out how to install Ca Cert, see the IMC-UK security page.