hyperaction summit, eben moglen and the new 'share this' function on hyperactive, the upcoming hacktionlab are inspiring this piece of writing

also see why corporate social networking sites are evil

ownership of data
new law (need links!)
google + fb deleting accounts (have lots on privacy, but hardly anything on the losing part of your life problem)
Riseup: Some great reasons why you shouldn’t use online corporate tools like Facebook (more links that haven’t been checked out yet)
occam about the diaspora project and cyborgism
occam about privacy and cyborgs, with a comment on ionnek making the connection to postfordism
Quotes from Danah Boyd’s talk “Making Sense of Privacy and Publicity”
originals linked from her website
interactive chart
the origins of facebook
explanation of facebook-speak
timeline on eroding privacy
funny names for facebooks evil interfaces
tips to opt out of personalisation
search for all eff articles on facebook
schnews interviews stallman
ionnek on social movements and social networks
hyperaction summit report
enclosure of the internet
eben moglen about freedom and the cloud
upcoming hacktionlab
occam on the Privacy Wars
facebook, privacy and the social contract
The Creepy Data – linking people’s identities to the mail addresses they provide to campaigns and social movement
On Facebook, Only the Rich Have Privacy (or: Technology Policy by Default.)
Privacy Theater: Why Social Networks Only Pretend To Protect You
Dana Boyd: Facebook and “radical transparency” (a rant)