Northern Indymedia January 2011 Meeting

Location details and Agenda for forthcoming meeting

Where is it to be?

When is it?

What’s on the agenda

Minutes of the last meeting – do they exist?


Figuring we need to get a move on with the next meeting of we’ll collapse into a post-holidays slump.

Also if we can firm-up the details a bit we can plug it on the next Radio Interference show, to both the listeners.


Colonel mustard, in the living room with a comfy pillow.

Where was the last one?


m3shrom was supposed to be booking a meeting in Manchester for January – see this thread

sharing this thread so he can let us know what’s happening…


I’m up for it – give me a date and I’ll find somewhere


Is Sunday 9th any good?


ok – it’s short notice but i don’t know if it’ll make much difference in numbers – only 2 people including me turned up to the last one we called. so it’s really up to you if you want to go for that and go crazy on the publicity.

I’d recommend meeting in the Salutation pub, close to the Uni and Man Met uni and me – not too far from the station. Quiet on a sunday and safe.

Or I would say just come to the network x meeting and big up northern indymedia there would probably be an easier plan.

nice one


Thanks m3shrom. I’d be fine with either or both of those options.

Would someone with access to a photocopier like to make some northern indy fliers to take to network X? Mission statement on one side, upcoming meetings on the other?


I’d favour a seperate meeting (i.e. yes to the Salutation this Sunday) because I think Network X may be a bit hectic.

If we can agree this soon we can do a bit of a push and see if we can pull in any west-pennines floaters. Maybe we could offer a fraternal invitation to Liverpool.

I can do some printing but I think we might want to re-confirm the dates and locations of the next few meetings before printing loads of things off.




Lets do it on the 9th. I’m not committing to going as I think I’m about to burn myself out but I’m off to Network X and will do some Indymedia representing there. Also I will try to work on the help pages for the website..



I’m going to network x as well, shall we maybe lookat group transport


Re. NETWX – I’ve had a text about kitchen equipment – details sketchy but I’m assuming that’s who wants kitchen in MCR that weekend.

Anyhoo, might be able to leverage the diesel money out if (say) I take it early on Saturday and someone else (JD frexample) brings it back late-ish on Sunday – rather than peeps coming over from MCR to pick it up and drop it off.

Not sure how that fits with other’s plans.

Re this Sun, the train from Brad (via Hudd) is about £10.20 so I’m happy to go that way, or chip a tenner in for diesel (so long as the drive is smooth and the M62 not snow-bound).




I’ve just done the last-minute announcement.

As I’ve said many times before, we need to fix the details for each meeting during the previous one – sorting things out at the last minute like this is not an effective way to organise and it effectively excludes people who would need to make complex travel arrangements, sort out childcare etc.

Rant over, but in future let’s confirm the next meeting as a standing agenda point.