Agenda for 5th June 2010

  1. Welcome and introduction to Northern (esp. if there are new people)
  2. Check agenda
  3. Review of action points from last meeting
  4. Newswire & new features
  5. Skillshare on how to edit our Front Page
  6. Forking Indymedia
    • How borders fuck peoples heads: The reproduction of the nation-state in “radical” media projects (part 1)
  7. Why was article 1457 hidden? background #1 #2
    • How do we collectively deal with disagreements about moderation decisions?
    • How “security” fucks peoples heads: The reproduction of the nation-state in “radical” media projects (part 2)
  8. Why are some articles being hidden without reports to the moderation list? example
  9. What are our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? (allow 30 minutes minimum)
  10. Following on from the above, what are we going to do in the next 6 months? (allow 30 minutes minimum) Examples could include…
    1. Nurturing our collective process
    2. Offer browesing e.t.c. in http i.e. insecure but without loads of browser security cert issues, with an explanation on the top of the site, as well as in secure
    3. Explaining to ordinary people why an anti-capitalist resource is relevant to them
    4. Outreach and other events of interest?
  11. Next meeting

Where and when is this meeting?


I mentioned that to someone the other day who slapped their forehead (figuratively) and declared they had yet to organise those details.

But I think there’s a high likelihood of the meeting being in Leeds at noon, location t.b.c.



hi, I can’t make the meeting but I did one of my jobs from last meeting, write a letter to groups in the region. Are people happy with this? Can I send it out?





Sorry if I’m being thick but I don’t understand what that letter is trying to say nor to whom. The minutes of the last meeting don’t make it any clearer to me. Can you explain please?


Good point. It is for any / all groups up North to contact and encourage them to use the site and to see Northern Indymedia as a resource that can be used. I’ve added a better introduction.