Agenda for NIMC meeting 5th September 2010

To be held at:
The Commonplace, 23 Wharf St, Leeds, LS2 7EQ.
12 noon – 2pm, or a bit longer if needed.
There may be brunch.

All welcome.


  • Welcome to new members
  • Correspondence received
  • Matters arising from last meeting
  • Recent/planned newswire items
  • UK Network meeting in Bradford (after the lack of response about a date)
  • If we think these issues urgent:
    – security in general
  • Video editing workshop
  • Audio editing workshop
  • Tech Update


Firstly I want to remind you all of my apologies for this Sunday! I’ll be at York Peace Fest (I’m working but I’ll see if I can get a few pics and try and a do report, maybe).

I fixed some missing words on the agenda and also added Tech Update on the end. I know that due to mailing list traffic volume concerns we’re not having an email every time a change is made to our website. Maybe we need a new list, or a crabgrass group? At present I feel like I know less and less about how the site runs, rather than gradually beginning to understand it. Particularly around how to set up and Action Timeline and ensure it appears on the front page.

Also I’m foggy on what does and doesn’t get syndicated to the UK aggregator (though that might just be due to the slow updating on that site).

And there’s that nasty html on the tumbles.

And the interchangability of the term comments and additions which I thought we were attempting to make a distinction between.

If there’s not enough time to discuss all this on Sunday I’m happy to put off until the October meeting…



At present I feel like I know less and less about how the site runs, rather than gradually beginning to understand it.


I might see you at York Peace Fest – Meg’s doing catering and I said I might tag along, but I have visitors coming so it all depends on them really.


Well considering there’s a ridiculous veto on me doing any further development work to the site, that’ll be why there’s been no updates to report to the list or otherwise I imagine – I haven’t made any and won’t be until that is lifted. With that in mind, the tech update doesn’t really need to be on the agenda unless someone else has anything they would like to add.

Something to mull over – we can get an ssl certificate from Gandi for £13.60 (year) if we want to rather than what is currently happening and a load of people are complaining that our site is insecure.

Is anyone actually going to be at the meeting on sunday? or is everyone in York? I thought the whole point of insisting on the first sunday of each month was so we can keep that day free (paid work excepting of course).

A very grumpy JimDog