Minutes for meeting 12-05-2010

IMC Northern England meeting 12th May 2010

Present: JD, Nab (facil), Ptg, JF (mins)

- South Leeds Community Radio has been in touch. They’d like us to get in touch with regard to putting out our (audio)content.
JD suggests that we team up with Riseup Radio and for us to do a monthly news roundup in which various IMCers and other sit around a table ‘chewing the cud’ about the recent stories on the newswire. Recording could be done on in the 1in12 cafe on the 2nd Fridays of the month – this way Riseup Radio could do another monthly date to establish a fortnightly radio show for distribution.
Nab noted that we can also distribute this to other student radio stations and similar community radio stations who are looking for content with local relevance.

- JD has (personally) proposed a (global?) feature regarding Greece.

- Bradley (Indybay) has offered us logins for the imc global site. JD is going to get one, others can follow.
Concern was raised at the notion of having a shared login.

- Eeks has agreed to code an aggregator for imc-uk. We spent some time later in this meeting formulating our list of priorities for such.

Rolling Action points are here
Please add or remove your commitments.

Reports back from other completed action points are below:

  • Mediation between nimc and aggrieved parties: We’ve written a letter, there has been no response.
  • JD and JF have been in touch with the Oblong Video collective. They’re going to get back to us when they have days available to spend with us, but it might be a while.
    We though it would be good to concentrate on a scenario where we have some unplanned footage that needs to be arranged into something watchable.
  • ArseBook sharing is ready to go (and already live on the London site). Some concerns were raised about the identity of incoming users not being entirely obscured yet as this poses a reasonably techinical challenge.
    *Meeting agreed that it should go live so long as we’re still working on hiding the user_agent details of incoming users.
  • Ptg ready and happy to take on presence on the -legal list, but is having some technical problems getting on – needs help from marker who is already on that list.

Other minor items:

  • Nab suggests that all agenda and minutes are set to ‘public’ from the crabgrass group. It was felt that since minutes are already (eventually) posted on a publically archived list, this would merely make them more accessible.
    The meeting thanked Nab for compiling the Agenda and Minutes archive page.
  • We failed to set a date for laptop fixing at the meeting.
  • JD has been working hard on a statistics site. It’s ready to go and fully anonymises users. We all raised a glass to JD’s amazing efforts and agreed that it should be made live.

Major items:
1. Our vision for UK-IMC network
2. Priority list (spec) for UK aggregator

Thanks to JF for the minutes (and doing most of the facilitating)


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