New avatar

We could do with deciding on a new avatar and banner for our new site and here.

I’ve changed the aatar on here temporarily beause the Yorkshire rose thing was annoying me. So I’ve replaced one establishment thing for another through a total lack of inspiration :-) I’m not a huge fan of anthony ggormley but I couldn’t for the life of me think of anythin else typically and uniquely northern other than flat caps and whippets.

Can we try and upload some ideas here so we can hopefully vote on them. It doesn’t seem very important as far as crabgrass goes but it will be for the site as it will be a reflection to new visitors of who we are and what we stand for.

I’ve been using a hacked version of the Leeds Bradford banner for the test site and I’ll upload it for discussion at some point soon, but it would be nice to make a fresh start with an all new logo and banner.

ps – Notts have really raised the bar with their robin hood logo at and I’m gutted mr hood wasn’t a yorkshire lad lol


Noticed the change but couldn’t figure out what it was! Just a vague resonance with Metrolpolis (think it’s the shape of the head). My graphics skills are negligible, I’m afraid.


does it have to be graphic? as in does it have to be a computer generated image? the power of the biro will let us have anything we want…i have a certain lack of faith in anything computer generated because of the sins of clipart, i guess i’m biased.
so far the only things i can think of as typically northern are mills and northern soul…and I’m obviously scraping the barrel there because it has the word northern in it
if only we were Cov and then we could have lady godiva.
ooh Guy Fawkes was born in York, but he was a catholic and did supremely fail at his task. but he wore a good hat.
we coluld just be done with it plump for Jimmy Saville.


i’m much more into the idea of a handmade rather than a computer generated logo and banner. The original leeds banner was amazing! Also love the idea of jimmy saville with northern i written down his cigar but i suppose there are a few question marks over his attitudes towards women. Is that you volunteering to do us some drawings then jen ;-) if we get a load of different stuff we can use them in all the outreach material and just rotate the banner we use on the site a la google. There’s no reason why it needs to stay the same, putting a new one up is just a case of uploading a new file to the main images folder and pointing at it in the admin interface. If people are up for this, i’ll write some code so it can all be done on the site settings page.

Actually this could be great as we could make them topical for stuff on the newswire as well. As long as everything incorporates the word northern and the indymedia (((i))) logo in, and are a standard size to fit the area, we could have some great fun with this and get loads of users to send us their submissions too!


also, having thought about it a bit more, i’ve been getting all hung up on where we are rather than who and why we are :-)


yeh jimmy saville is probably on my militant feminist ‘penis removal list’ to be honest.
a la google sounds well fun, then lots of different people can contribute if they want to instead of one person ‘getting to do the banner’
i guess it also allows for some sort of demonstration of the diversity of what indymedia is and can be about.

words like ‘interface’ confuse me unless they’re something to do with cataloguing books, so i’ll just get my biros out :)