List Work

How do we work with the imc-email-lists?

i am thinking about writing another email at the imc-video email-list.
but then i am not shure if this would be a little too early or too late – since the last email nearly did not get any response. maybe we should wait with the presentation till this site has something more to show?
or maybe we should write now at the list where the process here is still at the begining and it is easier to participate and see that here is now some more-or-less continuous work?
also – maybe it is better if another person writes at the list so the list members takes it more seriously though its getting from more parts of the world then just hamburg and barcelona?
also – what will we write there?


Actually, I was also thinking about writing a follow-up email on this. I don’t think it’s too late or anything. At the same time I was going to send this email to other places as well, e.g. the list. So it was supposed to be a comprehensive introduction to what we’re trying to do. It might be a bit complicated to explain, so I was thinking to get the workflow clearer in my head and then doing it. It would be interesting to hear how this group looks to people who don’t know much about this project, if it’s confusing or there is something missing…

I’d be happy to start an email soon-ish (this week’s a bit crowded with events and people visiting and birthdays…), I think it could actually help us figure out where we are at. I guess the important questions are:

  • what are we trying to do?
  • where are we at?
  • what will be the next steps?
  • how can people get involved?

does that make sense?


sorry that i haven’t done it yet, i’ve been sick. remind me next week? should be back to speed then.


i think this has still some time. don’t need to hurry


Hi there, I started to draft the email here. I figured to start on the wiki, so we can work out something comprehensive, I find it quite challenging to explain the idea, plus it should get people excited about the project and inspire them to get involved. It’s a first draft, some feedback would be good, and once it’s done, maybe you could translate it into spanish as well?

let me know what you think!