how does one step of working lead to the next and how do they interact?

I tried to visualise some sort of workflow, based on the wishlist, here’s the result. Where I start stumbling is at the point when a selection of clips is made by searching the previews. How do we get from there to the finished film? If from there someone just downloads all the high resolution material, and edits at home, we basically got no more than a pool of available footage. Which is great, but it would also be very interesting to look at enabling cooperation on the actual video. Maybe this could happen by enabling online rough cuts, the produce EDLs. I don’t know if this is feasible at all, but it’s an interesting and challenging idea.

I dont know if i make it right this way, but here would be another image of a workflow i made today. i wanted to make visible
how great it is if you look at clip and subtitle (maybe even with different audios i could imagine) as a whole.
then it is much easier to composite the playlist of the clip and with that it would be like an online-copy of the
work done at home. this is only an overview over the workflow as a whole, the workflow for the project itself would be nicer to have as stand-alone i think. (good / preview quality, how to manage diferent versions of the same clip etc)

When we are talking about workflow we have at some point to make a decision if we would like to use EDL´s (Edit Decision List) or just raw ( and edited) materials. because this is a big question i have started a new page for it: Workflow_EDL