Participant introductions

Introduce yourself to fellow Incubator (Summer 2015) participants. Say hi, tell us about what motivated you to apply for this incubator, and, if you're comfortable doing so, a bit about what else you're involved with.

Hi, I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and am involved in a climate action group in our city. We’ve got several campaigns going – opposing deep sea oil drilling off the coast, opposing coal-mining and the use of coal in hospitals, schools & milk powder processing factories, persuading the local tertiary educational organisations and banks to divest from fossil fuels, and persuading the local council to go 100% renewable (the Avaaz campaign).
As I write this I can see how thin we are spreading ourselves! And also how earnest we often are – I want us to get bolder and sassier – the huge wealth of info here on so many lively actions is really inspirational.
I joined this course to get a stronger & more dynamic focus for our activity. Im struggling with the level of involvement and skill needed but learning heaps that I am taking back to share with the others.
We’ve also just done some training with Greenpeace NZ who are well-organised & experienced, and have a similar focused approach to Yes Men.
Id be interested to know who else from New Zealand is on the course.