UPDATE 27.Dec.2012
IAC’s new mailing list is here after another hacking attack on 25.Dec.2012 which took down the IAC primary list IAC++ which then had over 27,000 subscribers. The IAC++ and all other IAC lists are now restored to IAC and are functional (and kept in reserve).


1. IAC++ is the mailing list which IAC-HQ had to open after Team-Arvind hackers using Indian Government computer networks massively spammed and took down the “indiaagainstcorruption” mailing list on which 70% of this group were subscribers. Since ours was not an easy mailing list to attack, the hackers had to shut down the main sympa servers for over 10 hours after an unprecedented cyber war which is still being investigated in the USA. After that they somehow managed to access a weak password for that list and have squatted on it for over a month. All email IDs, however, were long secured and did not fall into their hands.

2. In the circumstances, all old settings “like digest mode”, “no email” etc. have been deleted. IAC apologises to everyone affected for our mistakes.

3. We are determined NOT to be a spam mailing list or to have unwilling subscribers, that would be self-defeating to our main purpose of getting IAC’s messages into your inbox. We are also clearly explaining how to leave this list, and we will provide assistance to everyone who wants to leave.

4. The number of emails emanating from the previous IAC list was the result of a security flaw in the sympa mailing software, whereby even non-members could spoof members and be allowed to post. As we are today the largest sympa mailing list in the world, a dedicated sympa list manager is on this list to ensure that such situations don’t repeat. Today, you will not get more than a few emails from us.

5. This is the IAC mailing list of IAC-HQ. We are above the petty politics and organisational squabbling over workers, funds, brand-names, IAC websites, bank accounts etc. by local leaders like Anna, Arvind, Kiran etc. which is plaguing the IAC movement and confusing the workers and enriching a few individuals personally.

6. Everyone notable in IAC is subscribed to this mailing list, usually with multiple IDs. Many new faces/IDs from Team.Anna-v2.0 are to be added once they sort out their temporary organisational and infrastructural problems. Many local chapters are unwilling to come on board because of confusing messages, propaganda, mischievous phone calls, etc reaching them. We are sure that in time everyone will distribute mails from us once they realise that we are not interested in dividing the IAC movement or taking sides or misleading them into choosing sides or leaking their details.

7. The manager of this list is Ajay Dixit with 4 volunteers (sometimes they reply in his name). The owner of the list is Ashish Kumar Kappoo (“Ash”) – RTI activist and senior network & cyber security expert who has even run very large mailing lists for the GoI (as honest patriots there is no conflict of interest). We are also advised by the moderators of Humjanenge RTI mailing list which helped us when our list was not functional.

8. We do not indiscriminately add emails of every person who signed on IAC websites or each and every local IAC worker. This list is dedicated for only communicating with the intellectual cream of India and the IAC middle and top members. There are separate mailing lists for iac-media, iac-campaign, workers etc. which are run by other IAC teams(factions). Sometimes the message gets confused. For instance IAC-HQ did not send out a press release yesterday on relinquishing IAC’s brand names and resources. It is not in our interest to do so since the resources are ours in any case.

9. Every message to this list is “moderated”. Since one of the IAC Teams is going “political” we are careful that no false or contradictory messages should be sent from IAC lists or Facebook pages which will be misused by IAC’s opponents.

10. IAC HQ does not have a functional Facebook page. We believe Facebook poses a major security threat to the lives and privacy of citizens who register there. IAC HQ similarly believes that the “Twitterati” phenomenon is intellectually shallow and contrary to the long term goals of the movement.