PUBLIC NOTICE: To IAC's old volunteers now disillusioned with AAP

25 Nov, 21013

In the past few days many persons associated with the pre-split IAC have contacted me.

Generally they appear to be seriously dissatisfied with Arvind Kejriwal and what they claim is the “coterie” around him and their “Hitlerian” tendencies and “betrayal” of his promise not to use Anna’s name for campaigning. Arvind’s well known Chankayaniti to say and do anything to grab power at all costs etc. The false promises to immediately reduce Delhi’s electrity bills by 50% on becoming CM which he has absolutely no intention (or even ability) to keep being a good example.

Lurid details of Team.Arvind’s corruption and goonda ways have been shared with me. In one telling case it seems that the election ticket given to a poor rickshaw driver was snatched back at last moment so AAP could resell it to the BJP and so on.

The question is what IAC can do for such people who are committed to the banner of India Against Corruption but not to its revolutionary ideology ? People who cannot accept that the anti-corruption movement is now far beyond simplistic pseudo-Gandhian placebos like LokPal Bills. People who are convinced about the holiness of Anna Hazare and Anna’s demand for a LokPal Bill.

We had suggested to them, in last few days, that they rally around an iconic figure like Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev etc if they are so inclined and organise a press conference with Anna on a video feed from Ralegan where Anna is recuperating.

We also suggested to them, that if they can still access any of the old IAC pages on Facebook (which still connects such like-minded people of the old IAC) they could use it to regroup themselves, and we would not (as a special short term exception) serve them with notices like we routinely do for misuse of IAC name/banners etc.

We would welcome if Shri Anna Hazare’s Jan Tantra Morcha, or Baba Ramdev’s BST etc. takes all such persons into their fold, as IAC does not see the present issue as pro-Team.Arvind or anti-Team.Arvind or “betrayal of Anna Hazare” as being projected by them.

At the same time IAC, being a national level movement to open the eyes of patriotic citizens, reserves the right to publicly disagree or provide its inputs from time to time. IAC is also prepared to clarify most issues about the past and present IACs, except those which impinge on our operational flexibility.

IAC is conscious that Shri Anna Hazareji is also a true revolutionary spirited and patriotic person who was wrongly projected as a Gandhian by forces of corruption in their paid media at a time when all of patriotic India had set aside our petty differences for a common purpose.

IAC has always maintained that the so-called JanLokPal movement of 2011-2012 which took simultaneously place under IAC’s banner for CWG scam andolan is a complete fraud on the people of India designed by Congress and elements within BJP to cover up Common Wealth Games scam, and executed by Rahul Gandhi / Digvijay Singh through foreign funded anti-national forces for JanLokPal fraud to become a Frankenstein monster and subsume the IAC revolutionary banner itself, and which HRA could never allow to happen.

IAC has reason to believe that the organised national forces for corruption (which go beyond party affiliations) shall even collude to the extent of ensuring that their AAP puppet (who may not be Arvind) is the new face of government in Delhi.

National Convenor
India Against Corruption
, jan andolan