Questions Arvind must answer

Questions from citizens which Arvind Kejriwal can't run away from.

This is the text of 27 queries posed to Arvind Kejriwal by Mr. Digvijaya Singh, General Secretary All India Congress Committee.

  1. Is it a fact that in your entire service of 20 years in Indian Revenue Service, you never served outside Delhi, even though the norms of the service are that all IRS officers serve a posting only for 3 years in a place’?
  2. Is it a fact that even your wife, who also is an Indian Revenue Service Officer, has never served outside Delhi?
  3. Is it a fact that any serving officer who goes on a study leave for two years with full pay, has to submit a full report of his study to GOI ?
  4. Is it a fact that you didn’t submit a full report, but only an interim report to G0I with a promise to submit a full report later, which you never did?
  5. Isn’t it a fact that the Service Rules provide that an officer who goes on a study leave has to compulsorily serve GOI for 3 years ?
  6. Is it a fact that you went on an unsanctioned leave, without permission, after serving for only one and a half year, post the study leave?
  7. Is it a fact that you were transferred to Chandigarh once, but you never joined?
  8. Is it a fact that you then sought voluntary retirement from service and even without it being approved, you absented from your office ?
  9. As a serving officer of IRS did you take permission of GOl to form your NG0?
  10. Is it a fact that the NGO Kabir, with whom you are closely associated. received US$ 172000 in 2005, $ 197000 in 2008 from Ford Foundation?
  11. Was this foreign money used to organize seminars, advocacy discussions, programmes, social media campaigns and publicity material related to the issue of corruption?
  12. Being still in service did you take permission from your Ministry to receive these foreign and private funds in your NGO ?
  13. Why there are no details of individual donors and Corporate donors on any website of your NGOs ?
  14. Is it a fact that you took a cheque of Rs. 2 Crores to Anna and he refused to accept as he felt collection was much more ?
  15. A senior member of your Core Committee has alleged that you have misappropriated funds to the tune of 20 Crores. Why you have not responded to this charge?
  16. We would also like to know your relationship with US based NGO Avaaz, which has been funding Civil Disobedience Movements in Libya Tunisia Egypt and Syria’? What is the logistical and other support your anti-corruption movement received from Avaaz ?
  17. Is it a fact that you had announced to lead a Tehrir Square like movement in Delhi ?
  18. Is it a fact that you have diverted the funds which you received in the name of India Against Corruption to your NGO Parivartan/Public Cause Research Foundation ?
  19. Why have you collected funds for India Against Corruption in Parivartan/ PCRF ?
  20. You have been asking for JanLokpal in GOI, but haven’t questioned Narendra Modi who has successfully blocked appointment of Lok Ayukt in Gujarat since 2002. Would you please explain, why ?
  21. Why you have never raised issue of corruption in BJI’ ruled States in spite of the fact that local press and Political Parties and CAG have reported cases of corruption in these States ?
  22. You went to connect a disconnected electric connection on non-payment of dues, which resulted in a criminal offence against the consumer. As a responsible citizen of the country don’t you think it was a criminal act to do so?
  23. Is it true that the Mumbai coordinator of India Against Corruption, Mayank Gandhi has been personally involved a redevelopment proposal in South Mumbai by the name of Remaking of Mumbai Federation ?
  24. Is it true that the proposal was pushed through in an illegal manner by the BMC, which is under Shiv Sena, immediately after start of Anna Hazare agitation and the Government of Maharashtra has found out several illegalities in the project ?
  25. Is it true that Mayank Gandhi has been financing the activities of lAC ? How much fund and logistical support has been received from Mayank Gandhi by IAC ?
  26. You have demanded resignation of the Law Minister for the irregularity committed by people working in his Trust, but never objected when Anna said that he can not be held responsible for the action of his colleagues/ office bearers in Brashatachar Virodhi Jan Andolan Trust ? Although Justice Sawant Commission had concluded that there were cases of usurpation and misappropriation of funds, extortion and blackmailing by the office bearers of the said trust.
  27. Suppose if any of your staff members or colleagues in IAC are found to have been involved in any irregularity, will you be willing to take the responsibility as a leader, resign from IAC and give up public life ?