Wild Magic Ch 4-6

Before I could answer, mom interrupted. “You might want to hold off on that shower, son. I kind of volunteered you for some yard work.” Annie seemed to deflate slightly. “Your aunt Trinity isn’t handling the divorce well, so you’re going to go get her caught up on some chores.”
I considered protesting, and my suggestion would make it easy, but mom was right. Aunt Trin wasn’t but a few years older than me, and had discovered her husband’s affair while she was pregnant. Fortunately for her the prenup he had insisted she sign worked out in her favor. He vanished with his mistress, but Trin was financially set for quite a while.
Still, being a soon to be single mother is no picnic. I thought that maybe some physical labor might help me clear my head, and she would probably pay me a bit. “Okay, mom. I’ll head right over after breakfast.”
Dad dropped me off on his way to work, and I went straight to the shed and got to work. I didn’t mind, because before Dale the asshole cheated on Trin, he had bought all of the xxxfun.top coolest toys.
While I worked, Trin came out of the house in a wide hat and sunglasses. Despite the baby bump, she was quite graceful. She removed her sheer robe and sat in a lounge chair to sun bathe.