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MLs have been a vital part of the ISM‘s infrastructure since the beginning. They were/are the easiest technology for mass networking in the user’s point of view. Usenet does not rock that area anymore. Instead of that everyone gets her*his own copy of the distributed messages. This produces a lot of (redundant) data (which wants to be saved somewhere) but hey, it is easy to use tho.

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You want to get subscribed to the global mailing list. The others are for specific concerns which you will eventually find out.


Compare How do I unsubscribe from a list?. You can do it on your own. Do not write your signoff request to the list’s address! Read the FAQ first!

Other frequently asked/answered questions

How to use a mailing list

There are some dos and don’ts.


  • Send your follow-up either to the list’s address or the author of the first message depending who is the addressee of the message. Normally the author of the first message is a subscriber of the ML itself, too, and s*he would receive any message twice if you did not do so.
  • Use reasonable subjects not longer than 72 characters.
  • Quote your previous speaker (writer) where needed. Omit irrelevant parts by [...] without destroying the context. Irrelevant means the omitted parts do not have to do anything with your response.
  • Use the reply-function of your MUA (“mail program”).


  • Do not send your message to the list’s address and the author of the message you received via this particular list. Normally the author is already part of the list itself. S*he would receive the message twice if you did not follow that rule.
  • Do not quote any previous messages without taking any reference to the.
  • Do not do full quotes of any previous (long) messages. (five or less lines alone do not need to be shortened)
  • Do not bother the mailing list with [imitating dumb person’s voice:] “Blah, I wanna get off this list”, “Duh, me too!”, “There is some reason, … explain reason …, that’s why I wanna get signed off the list”. For all this see § Unsubscribe from above. You can do it by your own! I believe in you!
  • Do not make no usage of the reply-function though your reply has pretty close connection to the message you are about to reply. There are some covered data fields identifying your message as being a reply to someone other’s message. This allows programs to build a thread-tree. By composing a complete new message this data cannot be supplied.
  • Do not change the subject (the title of the mail). The automatically prepended “Re: ” is OK. Consider starting a complete new thread by composing a complete fresh mail (no use of the reply-function) if your message introduces a complete new topic.

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