Anxiety is going to spoil your child's education - here is how to keep that away from them

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Anxiety is going to spoil your child’s education – here is how to keep that away from them

Anxiety in children is common. It can happen at any age. But usually, it 4to 6 years children. Because it is the time when children are started getting knowledge from outside.

Most of the time it remains unnoticed because neither parents can judge their behaviour like anxiety nor children can understand themselves. Usually, parents think that their child was and will be that way or some parents just wait that their child will be ‘grow out of it’.
What is Anxiety in children?
Anxiety is an emotional state where sorry, fear and tension increases much higher than the normal level.
For children, it could have a specific inciting factor like what if the spider becomes a giant or what if the balloon becomes broader and eat them etc, or it can occur from some trauma they just experienced or it may manifest suddenly.
The reasons for their anxiety may hamper their education as well as an extracurricular activity. Once the fear enters their mind, it will be close to impossible to make them do the thing, they are not intended to do. Parents may find their response irritational and maybe label them as a disobedient bad child. But they should dig deeper to know the exact reason behind it. Who knows they will be able to find some reason behind the behaviours of their ‘disobedient bad child’. In any of age you surfing anxiety issues, that time you can use medicaments also. You can take Etilaam tablet and feel relaxed form depression and stress.

For example, maybe he or she doesn’t want to attend classes in school because the last day he went there maybe the teacher rebuked him or her in a very frightening way or maybe he or she doesn’t want to attend swimming classes because last time he went deeper where he was not able to breathe.
Children have a very strong imagination power. They imagine their fear and elements of fear in a different and broadway and become anxious about that.
● Anxious children may make themselves all alone and locked up in a room.
● No matter if he or she is an adult or child, if he is suffering from anxiety sleeplessness is an obvious result. Because when he is going to sleep and close his eyes, every anxious thought gathers in their mind and takes him away from sleep.
● They may start irritating behaviours by levelling themselves as a ‘bad child’.
● Perhaps the usually talkative child suddenly becomes silent and start avoiding certain places like school or some particular teacher’s class.
● Maybe your child can’t read because he is fearing the letters or words. And in their imagination maybe when he is trying to start reading the words becomes alive or something like that.
● Anxiety sometimes can suddenly turn your talkative, jolly child into a well behaved quiet child.
Children can’t express what they are feeling inside. Maybe the anxiety is choking them from inside. Anxiety can be temporary but the damages it is making in your child’s life will remain a permanent scar in your child’s life. If their beginning of educational life gets affected they may find difficulty in their life in the future.
Help them overcome their anxiety
A few simple steps on your part will help your child to get rid of anxiety
When you first notice the changes in their behaviours observe them. What is bothering your child? Who is frightening him? Try to remember when he is changing?
Maybe you’ll be able to find the person or the event behind your child’s Anxiety.
Talk to them
Children are very innocent creatures. Obviously, if you ask them directly why you are anxious, they can’t satisfy you with their answer. But if you keep your patience and talk to them and ask them through some linked questions, then you will know exactly what is bothering him. And then try to convince him you are there always for them. That was only an incident or the person behave that way only once, everything that happened once does not mean that it will happen again and again. Cheer them up.
Avoid questioning them
Their mental situation is already not good. Don’t complicate that more by asking them several questions. It can make them more uncomfortable and more anxious. They may feel something is wrong with him.
Past victories
Remind your child how once he or she overcame some past incident. How brave she was, how with her skills she showed her thumb to her fear. Make them feel confident. You will see how they are starting to go to their feared places with their own courage.
Solve problems together
The things that your child was able to solve themselves, maybe for their anxiety they are no longer able to do that. Hold their hands and make them feel empowered. For example, if he is not able to solve some easy math problems then playfully make them undertake the situation or if he or she is refusing to sleep because their fear may come to their dreams as monsters, then convince him that monsters can’t be real and hold them until they fall asleep. If you want to get more information about anxiety and depression? Then go right here.
Also, make sure that you are supporting your child. Whatever he or she is doing, support them. If your child tells you that she is anxious about some person then don’t stop your child from meeting him or her. Even take your child to the person more than before he or she used to go. It will help them overcome their fear.
Anxiety can ruin your children’s educational life. Children who have anxiety find it difficult to sit and read. Because in their mind all most every time the fears and overthinking comes and takes their concentration away. Help your child to recover themselves as soon as possible. They don’t need extra medications. Just support them and help them to fight their fear. Once their fears are gone, he or she will soon return to their normal life. Don’t let anxiety ruin your daughter or son’s childhood.