Smart ways to make your website Look Cool

It’s not easy to create the entire website. It takes one’s precious time, intelligence, skill, and hard work.

But how heartbreaking it will be if visitors do not find it pleasing to stay on it.

Is that happening with you too?

Do you think you have made the best website in the entire world and you have done a really good SEO of it, but still it is not getting the user engagement it deserves? In most common cases let’s consider an example of a write my essay service website.

There is a high chance that you’re experiencing this because your interface is not enough user friendly as it should be. Users make a visit on your website but leave instantly because they find everything confusing and annoying.

Trust me . . . . This is not a small issue. If you’re failing in providing visually appealing interface than sorry to say but your entire website will be judged as useless and a waste of time by your visitors.

You don’t want that, do you?

This article is just for you then. Learn from content below how to make your website visually appealing and interesting. Dive in and give all your worries a goodbye kiss today.

1-Color combination matters

Color combination of any website tells a lot about it. Make sure you’re using the right and appropriate colors for your site.

You’ll be saying what does that even mean?

Keep this in mind different colors represent different things. For instance, have you ever noticed that food websites have red, orange and yellow colored themes? Why? According to color psychology, these colors increase the visual appeal of food.

Whatever your brand, business or the purpose of the website is, choose color combination according to it.

2-Do not make the sin of “confusing”

That is the biggest sin in website designing. If you have created the interface that does not make sense for your users. They’ll immediately leave and never even bother to come back again.

Make it easy for users to navigate through the entire website smoothly and make sure that everything on your website is making sense.

3-Do not add too many buttons


Because if you’re giving them so many options they’ll find themselves in the cobweb of annoyance and it will drive them crazy.

4-Use magnet of graphics and pictures

Add pictures and graphics of high resolution and quality. They magnetize users more than your content or anything else on the website.

Avoid adding too much details and lengthy paragraphs. Remember you need to be straight forward in pointing directions to your users, it’s not that someone has told you to write my essay on it.

5-Time Time and Time

Make sure your users swiftly open your website and sail through its pages. Because if your website is taking too long to open, users will prefer opening up another website that takes only a second to open up.


Remember! You only have seconds to impress your visitors; if you fail to do that, within a blink of an eye, they’ll leave from your website and prefer going into the inviting and open arms of your competitors.

Scary, right?

It won’t happen if you remember tips as mentioned above.

Always keep this in mind that winning your user’s heart is everything, it means air to the website, without it, your website is dead.

Just follow the simple things that are mentioned in this article and ta-da! Enjoy high traffic rates and engagement on your essay writing service website.

Have I missed any point? We value your feedback so feel free to mention it in the comment section below.