Best tips on how to write a perfect paper?

Writing a good composition is like creating a piece of good art. This art is not difficult to perfect and once you have understood the methodology, you surpass this art !!

For a composition to sound meaningful, note the basic rules:

Write a plan!
Ensure continuity throughout the composition. The submitted material should be neat and coherent.
Avoid the use of high-fluent English, Basic does all that wonder! Good vocabulary is a valuable asset, but do not ignore it!
A good introduction and a good degree are essential requirements. We should especially value that!
So that your material becomes presentable and catchy:

Begin or end with a quote or proverb in bold and double quotation marks.
Ask questions! This causes the reader to engage with what you have written.
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Make a factual statement supported by statistical facts and figures.
Define and describe the scene. (if descriptive composition)
Add variety to your sentences. Pay attention to the optimal length of the composition. This should be very appreciated!
Accuracy of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. (Become a Grammar Nazi to you here !: P)
Last but not least, REVISE!
Perhaps the above points will help you, but you’ll go beyond the step-by-step process, building as much as you read and express. So, guys, READ READ and READ !!

In the wise words of Francis Bacon,

READING makes a full man;

CONFERENCE, a man ready, and

WRITE, a precise man!