The life of Josh

After a while, I noticed something was happenning on the 1st floor. People were massing on the stairs, shouting and laughing. I made it upstairs, pushing a lot of unhappy people out of the way and saw something I wasn’t expecting. In one of the bedrooms was Steve. In bed and not alone. The girl from before was with him and they were getting it on. Unlike Steve, she didn’t like the attention. Appartently, they went to the room and someone accidentaly went in. Steve did not stop, even though she hasd begged him to. She was hiding her face in a pillow, while he fucked her mercilessly from behind. ‘How come I had not noticed how chuby she was? Well, we all like it somehow, don’t we?’ I thought.
He continued to pound away at her. A few folks in the room were recording the whole thing on their phones. Steve now had her on her back and already in her. If she had any boobs at all, they would be just flying back and forth. He got tired of her trying to hide herself and ordered her to look at the cameras in the room. Her face turned red as she sheepishly followed his commands. “Good girl” he said and pulled out of her cunt. He then dragged her to her knees on the bed and forced his large fat cock into her mouth. She obviously was no fan of mouth-fucking, but she had no choice. After a minute or so he started coming in her mouth and she gagged as string after string of hot cum hit the very back of her throat.
Steve then told everybody to get out of the room. Almost all were talking about it for quite some time. I had a couple more drinks, this time it was just beer, seeing that someone else found that bottle and left no trace for me to find it. For once, I had nothing to do, noone to talk to was around, so I just stood there, drinking. I received a few glances from a couple of girls. I recognised them from school. I raised my cup to greet them. The girls giggled and turned away.
After a few moments, a blonde walked up to me. I struggled to remember her name, so she had to tell me. “Yeah, Samantha, right. Sorry, I just have a problem with names.” “Like you could remember us all.” She fluttered her eyes and asked me if I cared to dance. “Boy, I would love to, but I dance like a fish on dry land.” She laughed and said: “I will do most of it” and winked.
So I went with her to the dance floor that Steve geniously created by removing furniture from the living room. It didn’t take long and she was grinding her ass on my crotch. I was beginning to set up a tent there. She was not the kind of girl you would call sexy, but she was good looking. Only a short skirt covered her ass, so I slowly slid my hand to her bare legs and started moving up. When I got to my target, I was shocked. The slut wasn’t wearing any panties! I started rubbing her clit. She let out a silent moan and I continued by inserting a finger in her pussy. Boy, was she wet, or what? A lot of people must have seen us, but nobody cared. I then put in a second finger and got her moaning ecstaticly.