Jitter Click Test | Test Your Clicking Speed Now

There is more than one method that can help gamers improve their clicking speed – one of them is jitter clicking.

Serious gamers are familiar with the importance of clicking speed, mainly for clicker games like Farmville and Minecraft. It is surprising to know that clicking speed does not improve by mere practice – you require to master a method. The one we will talk about here is known as jitter click.

It is helpful to practice jitter clicking on games. However, overexposing your arm, wrist, or finger can cause several physical issues like arthritis. To avoid this, gamers should assume healthy techniques to play clicking games.

Let’s explore the world of jitter clicking for gamers to support you develop faster-clicking speed without having physical issues like arm, wrist, and muscle soreness.

What Is Jitter Clicking?

As the name recommends, jitter clicking refers to a method of clicking the mouse in “jitters,” a way to improve clicks per second. Not only does this method require practice, but also patience and perseverance. Fortunately, you can become a pro-clicker in no moment.

There is a type of game known as “Clicker Games.” Practically, these games are click speed tests that record and examine your clicks per second. The faster you click, the higher your score on the game.

How To Get Better At Jitter Clicking?

There is a method to score better on a jitter click test – it is by enhancing your jitter clicking technique. Are you wondering how to enhance your jitter clicking technique without straining your fingers or causing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Before you start this method, it is important to note that it needs practice and patience. Furthermore, your average clicks per second can improve over time as you perfect the technique of jitter clicking. Of course, you can play games like Minecraft to improve your click speed; however, it may likely cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or finger damage if you don’t use the right technique or get enough rest.

A painless and effective way to score better on a click test or speed test is to concentrate on hand and finger spasms for short gaps. Doing this will provide your fingers with adequate rest, preventing muscle damage while supporting your master jitter clicking in no time.

Frequent and continuous practice can help you enhance the way you utilize your finger to click on the mouse – creating it more time-efficient. However, players must be familiar with the fact that overusing the hand muscles without rest can cause arthritis – which is incredibly painful and difficult to recover from.

How Is Click Speed Measured On A Click Test?

In easy terms, click speed is calculated on a click test by using the data of the number of clicks on your mouse in a specific time frame or several seconds. This is likewise known as CPS or Clicks Per Second.

A famous jitter click test that players utilize is the Kohi click test. The higher the CPS, the more you score. Players can try the jitter click test to see where they stand in a game or amongst other players in matches. Players with high CPS are naturally more useful at a clicking game than others.

Jitter Click alternative

Apart from Jitter Clicking, there are different other methods to improve one-clicking speed. Some of the traditional techniques include Butterfly Clicking and Drag Clicking.

Butterfly clicking is a technique of developing rapid finger spasms. In the method, a player uses two fingers to alternatively strike the mouse in a bid to gain more clicks over a provided time frame.

The technique is very efficient as the two-finger delivers more control to acquire a higher number of clicks. However, at the same time, Butterfly Clicking is contentious. As noted above the clicking speed test has become a game in itself; many matches do not consider scores obtained by leveraging the butterfly technique. Also, many waitpeople ban this type of mouse striking. Typically, leveraging scores between two and twenty clicks per second.

Another type is Drag Clicking, whereby a player utilizes a sticky finger mouse to record hundreds of clicks per second. All a player has to do is drag the mouse to reach a higher number of clicks. Utilizing the unconventional way, one can make an unpaired score. Clicking games are so much in demand that gamers even buy special gaming mouse to click quickly.

In comparison, a player can score an average CPS of 7-9 with normal clicking. With Jitter Clicking, one can expand the CPS up to 12-14. Meanwhile, in Butterfly and Drag clicking, gamers can score a CPS of 20-25 and 50-100 respectively.

Is Jitter Clicking Dangerous?

We have spoken much about jitter clicking and how to enhance your jitter click rate or CPS. However, it’s time to talk about a necessary issue that players face – injury or spasms of muscles and hands.

While it is continuously encouraged to try and have the quickest clicking speed, overexertion is a real cause for concern. You can not only get a hand injury due to this but also create it hard for yourself to compete against other players for the quickest clicks in a determined amount of seconds.

Fortunately, there are new and improved recourses that give due rest to your hand while supporting you get quick at jitter clicking.
An alternative to jitter clicking is using a Butterfly or Drag clicking method with your mouse. These techniques help you improve your clicks, log in higher clicks in a specified number of seconds, and stop unnecessary injury that can happen with jitter clicking.

How Often Should You Practice Jitter Click?

If you want to enhance your mouse clicking technique, we suggest practicing quickly clicking a few times a day. You can opt for a dedicated site like this one that allows you to rehearse clicking on your mouse.

That said, we suggest using a good quality gaming mouse and rehearsing quick clicking only a few times a day. We also recommend you try different methods, even if you are doing it for the first time. It doesn’t hurt to invest in a good mouse that has big, convenient buttons.

Furthermore, you can analyze other websites through your browser and find mouse-clicking games for first-time players.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I jitter click?

Jitter clicking is a method devised by the Minecraft gaming community to get more increased clicks per second. Moreover, you can get over a 20 CPS score if you click speedy enough using this method. You can make your world record(WR) of jitter clicks if you reach the highest score.

How do you test a jitter click?

When you are jitter clicking, it’s not only one finger (though you are not permitted to use two or more fingers), but your arm and wrist are also performing together. Try to shake/tremble your arm and wrist as quickly as possible and hit a more increased CPS at your best.

Is jitter clicking better than a butterfly?

Jitter needs to tense your forearm and provides you with less wrist movement when aiming. Also relearning aim with jitter takes a lot longer than butterfly clicking, and drag clicking you barely even have to modify your aim.

What is a good jitter click?

How greatly CPS is jitter clicking? On moderate, six clicks per second is considered as jitter clicking, which can carry maximum as much as you can.

Final Recommendations

Jitter clicking can support you in increasing your average clicks from 7-9 up to 12-14.

However, we suggest looking for a unique gaming mouse that helps you get more clicks without damage. Even so, it is advisable to provide your muscles with due rest, without which, you can sustain heavy injuries.

It isn’t tough to get the most increased score on clicking games – as long as you rehearse. Even then, seeing the right gaming mouse can greatly improve your gaming experience, not to mention, help you achieve more CPS.

So, get clicking now and keep enhancing!