Expert Tips to Reduce Plagiarism from Your Research Paper – Guide 2022

Developing a research paper entail assembling material and giving evidence to bolster your article’s credibility. While drawing on already established ideas and supplementing your work with important material are necessary tasks, they must be taken cautiously to avoid slipping into the hole of plagiarism. To comprehend how to prevent plagiarism, it’s necessary to grasp the many forms of plagiarism. Plagiarism is seen as a severe intellectual and academic violation that can result in serious ramifications, including paper denials and the loss of the essay writer reputation, among other penalties.


What is Academic Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is defined as the immoral practice of taking ideas or words either intentionally or accidentally from another researcher without giving due credit to the original researcher. It is a significant issue in academic publishing at the moment and a leading cause of article retractions. 


Thus, scholars must have a deeper understanding of plagiarism. In certain societies, academic traditions and subtleties may not need verification of words or ideas by citation. However, according to the worldwide academic code of conduct, this type of validation is a precondition for participation. Non-native English speakers have a greater uphill battle when it comes to presenting technical material in English while also adhering to ethical standards. Plagiarism is also impacted by the digital era. On the internet, scholars have quick access to materials and data, which makes it simple to copy/paste information. 


Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in a Research Paper

Protect oneself against plagiarism, even unintentionally. Following are some suggestions to help you prevent plagiarism.


Rephrase your text.

Do not just copy-paste someone else’s work in your document. Being a good essay writer, it is your responsibility to understand the concept of the content you are reading and express the concept in your terms. Expressing ideas in your words will show that you have understood the concepts and are now ready to explain them 


Make Use of Quotations

Utilize quotation marks to show that the text was borrowed from another source. The quotations should be the same as in the publication from which you obtain them. The use of quotations improves the credibility of your writing as well as yours as a writer. Your audience will trust your content if you provide solid and valid quotations. 


There is a drawback to using quotations as well. As we all know, too much of anything is bad. Therefore, if you are using too many direct quotations in your content, it will have a negative impact on your readers. Using too many quotations hides your stance and readers will not be able to see your writing. It will also show that you are relying too much on other people’s work and are not confident with your work. Therefore, you should use optimum direct quotations in your paper. 


Cite your References

Determine which sources must be mentioned and which must not. Words or thoughts that are not yours but borrowed from a different work must be quoted. If you are confused about which content should be cited, you can always consult a professional. All you need to do is contact an essay writing service. This will help you understand more about providing citations.


Provide Citation for your own Work as well

If you are using your prior publications into your work, then it must be cited. Self-plagiarism is defined as the use of previously published content without providing proper reference. If you are writing something which is linked with any of your previous writings, then it is recommended that you should cite that in your paper. Only cite it if it is related to your current writing. 


It is not necessary to reference facts or common knowledge. Common knowledge and facts are known by all people therefore, there is no need to provide a citation for that.


Keep track of the resources you consult.

Keep track of the resources you consult. Utilize citation management software such as Zotero and EndNote to keep track of the citations in your article. I used to ask essay writer to write my essay, I always use a resource management tool. My favorite is Zotero because it keeps track of all the articles I have used in my paper. Moreover, with the Google Chrome extension for Zotero, I can cite an article with just one click. 


Make use of plagiarism detectors

Check the plagiarism level of your manuscript with programs such as HelioBLAST and iThenticate. 


While it is OK to research previously published material, it is not acceptable to paraphrase it exactly. The majority of plagiarism happens in any document’s literature review section. For this reason, it is unlikely that you will be accused of plagiarism if you thoroughly study and comprehend the original material, make thorough notes, and then convey it to your intended audience in your own words while remembering to reference the sources. 


I hope this article helps you in avoiding plagiarism. All you need to do is understand all kinds of plagiarism so that, when you start writing you do not make those mistakes. It is very easy to avoid plagiarism if you work properly and do not look for any shortcuts to complete your essay or assignment. Looking for shortcuts like copying other people’s work and not giving them credit will eventually turn out bad for you. You will not only lose your credibility, but also your readers will not trust your future writings. Therefore, always focus on the right ways and you are good to go!