About the House

Kasa Invisível is a house squatted on 2013 by an autonomous and horizontal anticapitalist collective, located in the downtown of Belo Horizonte – MG / Brazil.

It is an old big house, now used to host workshops, movie exibitions, courses, a (money)free shop and all sorts of open events to the community.

The property has been empty for about 20 years suffering the actions of time, so the roof, the floor and some walls are damaged by infiltrations. In that time when it was left without any care, all electrical wiring and hydraulic connections were stolen.

We have made efforts to renovate the property and prepare it to host free and accessible projects and activities, permacultural projects and permanent workshops.

The space takes the proposal of being a point of resistance in the center of the city, housing courses, debates, popular graphics, meetings of collectives, library, meeting space and knowledge, supportive events, urban garden.

It is crucial to hold a space like this in the center of one of the largest Brazilian cities during this age of crisis and new waves of right-wing movementes emerging. There are few occupations like this in the country and none with the same structure and proposal to propagate radical and anti-authoritarian policies, all without parties or state institutions in the city. If the project consolidates and becomes permanet, it can be an even bigger catalyst of radical struggle and experiences in the city and the region, serving as a meeting point, confabulation and information spread. In addition to being inspiration and reference to other occupations in the future. Solidarity, mutual support, exchange of experience or any financial and legal support are therefore fundamental at the outset.

We’ll post news on our We (https://we.riseup.net/kasainvisivel/) page, as well as photos of the house restoration process and events that happen.


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