global autonomous university - map and calendar of alternative educational practices

As we discussed in the table on Autonomous education practices, we should start generating a list of all the various initiatives that we are involved in to start building a “global autonomous university”. If people would like to write a 2 line description of their projects and include links, info, etc. we can start working on a provisional page to link them all together.

Here is a mapping resource that may be of interest:


Here is a list of keywords from the table:

Autonomous Education

- Reappropriation of university (funding) then making it accessible to all
- New technologies
- Network organization
- Methodologies : co-research, militant investigation,
- Squat, occupation, autonomous, transversal (teachers, students, researchers, etc.)
- Practical methods
- “Institutions of the Common”, organizational forms
- Synthesis of self-education with movement
- Occupy Monaco (august 1st)
- Gap between thought and action
-Newly defined community
- Distribution
- Exclusion
- Research alternative education itself
- Education for struggle, struggle for education
- Liberalization of content?
- Outside lessons
- Teacher/student cooperation
- Knowledge commons
- Tools: mailinglist?, technology, inquiry, qualitative maps of alternative Europe,
- Communication
- List of autonomous schools
-Manual to self-education
- Interacting with high-schools, different social barriers
-deterritorial support group page, really open university “Napster’s education moment”