Chilean Student Movement need aid!‏


Compañeros y Compañeras:

Chilean Student Movement has been fighting for FREE EDUCATION for more than 2 months already, with a goverment that’s close to fall, and for that we need urgent help from the rest of the latin american social movements and of the world in general, to call for manifestations against Piñera’s regime.

Fellows of Argentina came together, and organized a great manifestation in Buenos Aires, we need this to be repeted with all the rest of the organizations world wide win this battle.

If it’s possible, please talk about it in the next meeting, beacose sadly I’m to busy to be all the time in the internet, so I let this in you hands!

salud y Revolución Social!

I attach an article about the movement, please translate for everyone! (making one in french, but still not finished)

more info: