Skill Sharing Session #1 (Agenda)

Meeting #1

11. Nov 2009

The following agenda has been proposed.

  1. Do we want moderation, a summary or IRC logs of the meeting? If so, who volunteers to do it?
  2. Roll call: everyone quickly introduces themselves
    • Why do you take part in the skill sharing?
    • What is your technical background, if any?
    • Is there something specific you would like to learn?
    • Is there something you could teach the others?
  3. Next meeting It’s always good to plan this early. Please have your calendar ready.
  4. Short overview on the current situation regarding the recent upgrades (Alster)
  5. Short overview on the current situation regarding the continued hosting of kosmos with Nadir (IMC Euskalherria and Poland)
  6. Upcoming Skill Sharing sessions
    • Which sessions do we actually want/need?
      Please add your suggestions to skill sharing sessions.
    • Which sessions will be next?
  7. Configure /etc/aliases
  8. First skill sharing session (if time permits)

Meeting logs / summary
Logs are now available.