Skill Sharing Session #12 (agenda)

Meeting #12

23.01.2010 16:00 CET


  1. Set time constraints for this meeting
  2. Do we want a summary or IRC logs of this meeting? If so, who volunteers to do it?
  3. Next meeting, and who volunteers to prepare the agenda for it?
  4. Server hosting
    • production server(s): Nadir, Tachanka, other
    • backup server(s): jordie, salt, bzzz, mundurat
  5. Skill Sharing
    • BackupNinja: verify database dumps are being successfully (and bandwidth-efficiently) backed up to salt
    • New Kosmos – and migration
      • Create user accounts
      • Copy SSH keys from old kosmos
      • Configure sudo
    • BackupNinja: set up more remote backups (new kosmos, bzzz, mundurat)
    • BackupNinja: learn how to restore rdiff-backup’s in case of failure
  6. Which skill sharing topics will be next (and who runs them)?

Meeting logs / summary
Logs are to be made available.