Skill sharing session 5 (agenda)

Meeting #5

05. Dec 2009


  1. Do we want a summary or IRC logs of this meeting? If so, who volunteers to do it?
  2. Next meeting
  3. Nadir virtual server status
  4. Skill Sharing
    • Server virtualization by example: Xen (Alster)
      Host vs Guest, Xen Hypervisor vs Dom0 vs DomU, hardware-assisted virtualization (HVM) vs para-virtualization (PVM), hardware support (Intel VT + AMD-V), Xen Dom0/DomU kernel patches, compare to KVM, compare to openvz/lxr/linux-vserver/chroot
    • Introduction to common shell commands pt 2 (Alster)
      Text manipulation and regular expressions with cut, sed, awk, grep

Meeting logs / summary
Logs are now available soon.