Skill sharing session 7 (agenda)

Meeting #7

17. Dec 2009


  1. Set time constraints for this meeting
  2. Do we want a summary or IRC logs of this meeting? If so, who volunteers to do it?
  3. Next meeting
  4. Meeting in the next weekend
  5. Server hosting (Nadir virtual server status)
  6. Skill Sharing
    • Introduction to backup strategies (Alster)
      local/remote, full/incremental, plain/encrypted
    • Exercise: develop a backup strategy for kosmos (Alster)
      • Define intended backup period, amount/interval of full vs. incremental backups
        • Example: backup period: 2 months, 1 full backup each month, 1 incremental backup each day (other than days of full backup) → 2 full backups, 60 incremental backups, spanning 2 months
      • Calculate/guess overall disk space required for backups
        • determine how much space two full backups would require
        • guess the size of incremental backups if created in the intended intervals

Meeting logs / summary
Logs are now available.