Skill Sharing Session #8 (agenda)

Meeting #8

19. Dec 2009


  1. Set time constraints for this meeting
  2. Do we want a summary or IRC logs of this meeting? If so, who volunteers to do it?
  3. Next meeting, and who volunteers to prepare the agenda for it?
  4. Server hosting (Nadir virtual server status)
  5. Skill Sharing
    • Introduction to tools related with off-site backups (Alster)
      Commands and daemons like: rsync, ssh, cron
    • Exercise: set up off-site backups (Alster)
      Prepare an off-site backups of kosmos’ content in other machine
    • Introduction to common shell commands pt 2 cntd. (Alster)
      Text manipulation and regular expressions with cut, sed, awk, grep
    • Introduction to regular expressions (Alster)
      Both simple and extended regular expressions will be discussed
    • Introduction to common shell commands pt 3 (Alster)
      Networking with wget, netcat
    • Introduction to GNU screen (Alster)
      GNU screen allows us to login to the server and watch one of us executing commands (and their output) on the server, or join in, running commands on our own (and have the others watch as we do it). It also prevents running programs from failing just because our SSH session gets disconnected.
  6. Which skill sharing topics will be next (and who runs them)?

Meeting logs / summary
Logs are now available.