How much does a network analyst make

Network Analyst Salary

As network analysts gain experience, their wages increase considerably over time. The annual pay of a Network Analyst is $58,721 per year in the United States. If they freelance, they can earn about $23.04 on an average, according to

Education Qualifications and Other Requirements

The education requirement for a network analyst depends on the type and complexity of the job; for a low-profile associate degree, any relevant certificate is enough, but when applying for large organizations, bachelor’s degree is essential in a field related to computer science and information technology. If candidates possess a master’s degree, it adds value to them in the competitive market.

They have to have certifications, such as CCNA, CCNP or equivalent ones given one by Juniper or Microsoft. Besides, they should be conversant with different operating systems, Windows, LINUX, or macOS. Desirable for them is also to have experience with routing protocols like OSPF and BGP.

There is no entry-level position for a network analyst in any organization. First, they have to work as an associate, a technician, a help desk associate or a troubleshooter. After gaining three plus years of experience, they will be promoted as Network Analysts.

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How much does a network analyst make