2010 Solstice AGM minutes

minutes from the final meeting at LARC, before the yearly solstice party

Keys, Groups, issues with using building, etc.

We discussed amongst ourselves in a fairly non-coherent way about issues with keys, groups, using the building, and frustration over wanting more people/groups to use and have access to this great resource but seeing there are some communcation problems – both within the building, i.e. between people and groups who use it, and between the building and the rest of the world, i.e. how do people get access, what can they use, what expectations are there for using the building…

There is also a pretty big issue with keys. Who has keys? Who doesn’t? Who wants keys?

Points raised that 2011 is looking to be a pretty intense year, politically speaking. Idea would be to get these issues sorted as soon as possible in the new year, in hopes that many new groups will be coming forward, looking for political spaces to hold meetings, screen films, use other resources etc.etc.

But before keys are given out to every Teresa, Danita and Harriet, maybe we should figure out how the building actually works

People still like the idea of having a ‘LARC document’ to which we can point newcomers – and also to use as a way of organising already existing users/groups. This document will outline the following:

  • Responsibilities & Practicalities
  • Resources (a full list of resources, how to use, as well as a shorter version for public consumption) (note: important to think about security)
  • Communication – between users and user-groups in LARC and between LARC and the rest of the world (i.e. look at the way we communicate and organise in the building and the way LARC communicates to the rest of the world – does email work? shall we set up a wiki on crabgrass? issues of internet accessibility vs. being up to date with the technological tools which facilitate organising)

The document can be a hodge-podge of documents user-agreements/contracts already written for/by other social centres, community centres and political spaces/coops around the UK and beyond. Paul Chatterton’s book is mentioned as a suggestion. Another person mentions a space in Lancaster.

It is decided that there will be a meeting on FEBRUARY 12, 2011 from 11am-5pm to work on and finalise a document to send round to user groups/discuss at the LARC meeting on March 2, 2011.

People who want to be involved are to COME PREPARED WITH IDEAS AND TEXT on the above recommended subjects (Responsibilities, Resources, Communication). Mark B to send out old documents for historical purposes (might be useful).

A list of users and user-contact info will be constructed using 2010 diary. (done, this is a private document and won’t be added to the LARC crabgrass group as it contains telephone numbers of individuals – i.e. not for public consumption)

Procedure for constructing and approving user agreement/contract/document and then dealing with key situation:

0) outreach to user groups to ask them to send a delegate to Feb 12 meeting
1) meeting Feb 12 to write document
2) send to groups/individuals associated with LARC to check over
3) LARC meeting 2 March, approve document
4) implement new key access after getting consent from groups to go ahead (in agreement with documents)


Chickpea volunteers to open a crabgrass group for LARC. This is a place for organising online, a place to post minutes, etc.

Lock for Basement Door

Dissident Island proposes a lock be put on the basement door – to secure goods down there, to prevent tat being left. D*I will co-ordinate the installing of a lock and copy keys. One key to be left in drawer with library key (btw: where is the library key?! it’s not in the drawer), one key to be left in the safe, and several keys to be given to groups who have things in the basement and need access regularly (D*I, NoBorders, WAG, LRT).

Secretary and Chairperson of LARC for 2011

A treasurer’s report for 2010 was given and approved by all present. It was decided that the Secretary for 2011 will be Joyce and the Chairperson will be Patrick (of dissident island fame). The treasurer for LARC will continue to be Vicky (we are ever so grateful). All present approved the minutes of the meeting from the previous year’s AGM.