minutes 02 02 11

minutes from February LARC user group meeting

LARC user-group meeting – February 2, 2011

Present: ? (PPS), Kev & Martin (WAG), Bryn, Patrick & Chickpea (D*I Radio), Brenda (Rising Tide)
Apologies: NoBorders, G&BX


Kryptic got more logs (yay!) but they are a bit wet – so he is going to turn on a fan in the basement to dry them out.
Note to all: there are dry wood bits on the left side of the little wood cave place when you reach the bottom of the stairs to the basement – so use that for stove burning.


“It’s a fucking mess!”

Red & Black club has been using it and leaving it a bit messy. There’s also a massive bunch of shit and a bunch of wires in a corner. Tat is gathering. Martin suggests a clean-up day. Also suggests we fix the table (which is wobbly). Kryptic suggests a shelving unit for tech and wirey stuff. Patrick recommends some of them are random wires, some of them can be removed, that we sort this out…

Everyone decides the following:
1) Declare an office and basement amnesty
2) Workday (to clear office and do a quick clean of basement) on Saturday 12 March, 11AM
3) Put something about leaving tat around in LARC user-group agreement


Bryn requests to schedule a closed film screening – sometime in february – it’ll be before next user meeting – no confirmed date yet. Everyone present OK’s this. Bryn asked to pass the pot around for donations.

“Unofficial LARC finances”

£545 – mostly from rnb club, and some from marting asking groups for donations for meetings. These funds are for the building maintenance and upkeep. Contact martin or come to a meeting if you have a proposal as to what needs doing in the building.


USING OFFICE: They want to use office regularly – on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1-4pm. They want to start using it about 2 weeks from now.

IWW contact told the following: 1) an IWW delegate will be expected to attend monthly LARC meetings, 2) LARC user-agreement is being drafted 12 Feb, they should send someone if they can 3) the office will be cleaned on 12 March, they should come along.

KEYS: They need keys. Martin to ask Joyce to cut a couple more sets of keys. One of these sets will be given to IWW. If Joyce can’t get a cut set in the next 2 weeks, Kryptic is happy to lend his keys to IWW and get a new pair from Joyce. In this case, just ring Kryptic.

KEYS FOR Dim, one of the MMA GROUP

They want to use the building weekly, at 1pm on Saturdays. As this runs every week – for foreesable future – it’ll be much easier for Dim to have a set of keys. Kevin vouches for them and says they’ll clean up before and after and take good care of LARC. Dim also lives locally, so would be another person with keys who lives nearby – useful.


Joyce got extra keys – gave a set to Mark B as he needs a spare. Martin also got a spare. There’s a spare set in the safe. We need more sets:
1) IWW want a set
2) Dim/MMA want a set
3) Rising Tide are willing to pay for an extra set to keep spare


Several issues with gigs have been raised:

  • How big is too big?
    • The No Sweat gig was way too loud – the sound system installed was not appropriate for the size of the building. Building was shaking. You could hear the music all the way down the Parfett street. This is not ok – hence needing to talk to people about their fund-raiser and whether LARC is the right place.
  • How late is late enough?
    • With increasing number of regular events (RnB Club, GBC Karaoke), we need to set a LARC-closing time.
    • Martin states that the RnB club will stop festivities at 12 with everyone out, LARC cleaned and locked up by 1am.
    • G&BX karaoke people have promised to close down starting at 11, locked-up by 12.
  • How much money should people contribute towards LARC when putting on a fund-raiser?
    • Figure of 10% of the profit was decided. People should be warned upfront about this.
  • No attendance at meetings/no communication with LARC user-group:
    • there is a problem with groups not showing up to propose their gig. That’s taking the piss!
    • the above decisions need to be communicated to people throwing fund-raisers.
    • Everyone present discusses this and decides that:
      • groups who want to put on a fund-raiser have to send a delegate to the monthly meeting from this point forward.
      • LARC user group meeting will check diary for gigs during that month – and gigs that are not confirmed by a delegate at the monthly meeting will be cancelled!
  • Upcoming gigs in LARC for February:
    • Feb 12th: Acoustic LARC fundraiser
    • Feb 18th: Red n Black Club – LARC/WAG fundraiser
    • Feb 27th: G&BX Karaoke

How much is LARC worth?

More discussion about what kinds of contributions we should be asking for from groups who want to use the building for one-off weekends or whatever.

  • For fund-raisers: 10% of the profit (so – suggested contribution from G&BX = £6, suggested contribution from No Sweat for use of building in December = £40)
  • For using the building for a weekender event: 20-30-40 quid sliding scale.
  • Obviously groups who are skint shouldn’t have to shell out lots of money – but other groups who can afford should not take the piss.
  • This should be included in LARC user-agreement

Announcement: come draft the LARC user-agreement on 12 Feb, 11am+

We’ll get drunk afterwards at the acoustic fund-raiser. See you there!