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Brainstorming is an idea generation method that was “invented” by ALEX OSBORN. Its purpose is to encourage the generation of new, unusual ideas in a group of people. The point is to develop as many – even crazy – ideas as possible without any judgment or evaluation.
The name “brainstorming” spread quickly, but is now also incorrectly used for other techniques than those described by OSBORN.
This method is preferably used in the entire field of advertising. However, it is also used with more or less success for problems that require new solutions, with you can find the best solution for your essay, for example in product development or when designing new technical devices.

Certain behaviors are used in brainstorming to break down barriers and encourage creative thinking. Brainstorming is a group activity that aims to eliminate the usual group dynamic constraints. It is based on

Group work (synergistic effect) and free association (lateral thinking).

Brainstorming can be moderated or non-moderated. The moderated procedure is recommended for inexperienced users.

A group of up to 15 people is put together. Depending on the problem, it can consist of experts / employees, laypeople or experts from different fields. The group members are informed in advance of the expected course of the brainstorming, for example whether it is a moderated or non-moderated brainstorming. A note-taker is appointed. The facilitator prepares visuals and introduces the group to the problem. The problem is analyzed and specified.