Mutual Support Anarchist Worker's Cooperative

Cooperative work based on autonomy of the workers, rejecting salary idea - the only form of work contract possibile is "work in autonomy" as disciplined by Law. To kick off concepts of wages and dependent work.

Una Cooperativa di lavoratori autonomi, a mutualita’ prevalente, nel cui statuto il lavoro dipendente e’ bandito dai contratti di lavoro propri della cooperativa. Solo contratti di lavoro autonomo, che mantengono l’autonomia e l’indipendenza dei lavoratori. Per questo la posizione fiscale di ogni socio lavoratore e’ a carico suo. La cooperativa agisce come collante tra i lavoratori, da alla loro “associazione” personalita’ giuridica, e’ detassata in quanto vincolata a fini solidaristici di mutuo soccorso (chiamati “mutualita’ prevalente” perche’ il mutuo soccorso e’ tristemente divenuto impresa sociale grazie a 50 anni di cooperative rosse)

Per come me la sto vivendo, si tratta della formale riappropriazione anarchica del mondo del lavoro, sottratto alle nefaste grinfie dei burocrati di partiti piu’ o meno rappresentati e alla nefasta confusione che confonde il lavoro con il “lavoro salariato”, due cose profondamente diverse.

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For english readers:

We are developing a Cooperative of autonomous workers, mutual support cooperative which bans “dependent work” and only supports autonomous work in all the working contracts. This is a means for us to self-organize in the work field and we want to promote it… The left wing having in the years drastically shaped the cooperative work in such a bad way that nowadays cooperative has become synonym for corruption and “legal slavery”. As anarchist we want to take our step towards self-organization of work, trying to close the gap between organizers and anti-organizers which blocks debate since around a century…


would you give a bit more detail as to what your goal and visions are?


You’re right. I started to write it in english, but then since I’m living in italy and not many italians read english, I switched back to italian. So, now I’ll try to sync the two things.

What we recognized is that most of our work is done on an individual base. What we’re trying to set up is work on a collective base. Nothing new apparently, beside the fact that work on a cooperative base, according to the state, needs more structure and fulfillment of needs which usually keep people away from them. What is happening in italy (I don’t know the situation overseas or abroad) is that there is an ongoing distinction between physical and intellectual work. The physical work (be it that of a wood or metal carpenter, stonemason) tends to be considered such that an enterprise (firm) IS needed. On the other side, intellectual work can be achieved by individuals with no need to start up an enterprise. That is called “professional autonomous worker”. We are all workers that use their hands and their brain in their work, so we refuse this distinction. And, we don’t need our professionality to be certified by medieval-style corporativism. We consider ourselves more like “freelance workers”. But the definition which cuts things down is “autonomous worker”.

The need of an enterprise tends to translate to high taxation, so for eample in italy when you’ve an enterprise you’ll find yourself paying indipendently of your income more than 3600 euros (dollars) (just for retirement funding). you have to add taxes and work insurance to that. On the other side, being an “autonomous worker” means that for “retirement taxes” you’ll just pay some percentage (25%) on the income exceeding 5000 euros. Said that, with this crisis most little enterprises are shutting down because they can’t afford to keep an activity going. This is the situation in italy, where most people tend to work in the “black work” field because they’re fucked off by taxes.

As it comes to comrades, there is no visible endeavour to try to stop this situation. The only thing you’ll see is “dependent workers solidarity work’ chambers”. No reference to autonomous workers.
Much rethoric about “abolition of work”, Bob black style, no ideas on how to overcome this situation, and, which sickens it all, most anarchist city dwellers appling for “social work” in more o less direct dependancy on the state. How can they conceive such contradiction is mistery for me.

It was mainly the communist, in italy, who “championed” the cooperative work realm. But they made no clear distinction between salary and autonomous work. They conceived them in such a bad way that nowadays if your “chief” is a cooperative, your salary will be barely above minimum wage. 6 euros per hour, or even less. Wages in italy are lowering to even 2 euros per hour, for kitchen work.

So we want to start acting again with cooperative work, but abolishing the possibility to have dependent workers contracts. Each worker is autonomous, there are NO dependent workers of the cooperative and this means the cooperative is chief to NO-ONE. The rules of autonomous work, present in the civil law, still apply to the cooperative even if the cooperative as a whole is considered as a normal enterprise. Simply, there are no bosses.

It struck our imagination to discover that hidden in the civil law there was this chance to be lawfully entitled to work autonomously. That’s the thing. And it struck even more to discover that, helping out comrades to get out this fucked up work situation, was the civil law endorsing mutual support — and not comrades already doing it and sharing the thing… So we thought of thinking and acting it loud, so that other people can adhere to this simple mechanism of achieving a federation.

Needless to say that worker’s union basically apply ONLY to dependent workers. They almost don’t even take in consideration the existence of (organized) autonomous workers. So there’s plenty of emptiness to fill up, in this desert of relations we’re living in. Hope to have been clear and if you’ve objections or consideration go for it!


The cooperative will have its headquarters in a “circolo”, a place build in 1949 by partisans after 2nd world war, which has the characteristic of being about the only place in the surroundings not having been confiscated by communist party after the war. So we’re there to manage it without any institution telling us what to do. And to take distance to the institutional left is very basic since after the war institutions grabbed all the freedom instances running in the country and made them either stick to their social-democrat project either stick in jail.

So fuck ARCI (left wing lobby where you pay 1100 euros each year just to be part of, fuck ACLI (church lobby that does the same but for 1000 euro), fuck coop (huge communist lobby organizing work for ever-to-remain-dependent workers), fuck unions (supporting the right of dependent workers, as long as they remain at the chain). no lobby whatsoever.

By having a cooperative and an association in the same place, the idea of a federation starts up from scratch.

We all come from different experiences obiously. Some of us were mountain squatters, some bought land and started their project there, all round 2001. We tried rural networking, in the times projects collapsed, some are still going on and will be. This is for us the start of a new chapter: a take back of work on anarchist basis.


Mutual Support Anarchist Worker’s Cooperative (MSAWC) is a worker’s cooperative that seeks to build the capacity of working people and their communities to challenge the increasing control over workplaces by large corporations and the state. MSAWCo was founded in 2000 by a group of anarchists who were looking for an alternative to the state-controlled economy, and who wanted to do so without having to give up their identities as anarchists. Glad to see the achievements of this organization given at site. The best thing about it is that the workers themselves decide how best to allocate these funds among themselves, though there are some basic guidelines laid out by law.


Mutual Support Anarchist Worker’s Cooperative was founded in 2013. We provide services to low-income families, the homeless and the middle class. The organization works to build a community interested in sustainable economic practices that are ethical and promote non-violence. Here you check this whangarei pools and get more new latest tips for roof painting. Mutual Support Anarchist Worker’s Cooperative (MSAWC) is a worker-owned and run organization that aims to provide mutual aid and support for anarchist groups in need of aid around the world.