Summary of public resources for external contributors.

LEAP Communication Overview is our external facing site redmine:, issue tracker and public wikis etherpad:, real time collaborative text editor for meetings. mailing lists: See overview below and are forwards


LEAP Meetings (all times UTC, using mumble)

Thu 16:00 LEAP+Pixelated Call
17:00 LEAP General Meeting


We use mumble as audio-conferencing software because it works very reliable for us with many people and also over crappy uplinks.
mumble homepage:

Install mumble if you are on debian/ubuntu run “apt-get install mumble” if you are on MacOSX there are packages on the above site Start mumble Run the audio wizard (it should run the first time you start it) and follow the directions Connect to the riseup server, server name is “”, pick whatever username you like and use the password that will be given to you over another channel At some point it will prompt you about certs, just do a self generated one for now. (we might do more official ones later) You need to register (Self→Register in the Linux client at least) and then be added to the LEAP group in order to access the LEAP channel. Ask elijah or taggart if you need to be added. Once you have connected, you should test your audio. There are two good ways to test. One way is to ask someone to join you on mumble for an audio test. If there is nobody around, you can also do a “Loopback test” with the server. To perform a Loopback test you need to go to the Configure menu then to Settings. In the lower left corner, right above the “Reset” button, check the Advanced box. Then go to Audio Output and then towards the bottom is the Loopback Test. Set the Loopback to Server, then click OK. You should be able to talk and then hear your voice come back to you. What you are saying is traveling to the server and then being played back to you. So you will hear the quality of your voice this way. You can also chose a Local Loopback Test to eliminate the server as a variable.


We will be using two channels:

#leap: Public channel on freenode. This is where most of our chatter will take place. All development conversations, great and small should take place here. In fact, most of our activity will be in this public space. We provide a link to a web-irc client on our website:

For the RGSOC, pls consider setting up a long-running irc client on a server so you won’t miss the backlog when logging in and out. Ask varac how to do it.


public mailing list: send mail to Please try to use the address for addressing the list.
Bitmask Tester Mailinglist: If you like to use and try the bitmask client, subscribe via