UX August 2015

Bitmask Help Tweaks

Getting Started Section tweak.


Add a new section that says download Bitmask.
1. Download the Bitmask Application
2. Sign up for a new account
Add at bottom – for details about how to use the different services see VPN | Email
elijah> sounds good.

Change where “Limitations of Encrypted Internet” resolves to

Its here bitmask.net/en/help/vpn and should resolve to bitmask.net/en/features/vpn#limitations...

Change help/email and help/vpn tree structure for more consistancy between the two, and for clearing config instructions. bitmask.net/en/help/email

  /help/email <--link from bitmask app main window under email section: "configure mail client"
      * brief overview blub
      * link to features [Bitmask Email Details]
      * link to install
      * link to getting started
      * links to thunderbird, apple mail, etc.
      # configuring
      # troubleshooting
    Apple Mail
    Other Mail Clients
    Email FAQ

How to use email
Advanced key management

      * brief overview blub
 * link to features
      * link to install
      * link to getting started
      * link to Android, Linux, Mac, Windows
      # configuring
      # troubleshooting

Change wording on Help landing page

Find Support
Getting started (download,
VPN Setup
Email Setup

Wouldnt leading with the “Sending” section be a better place to start the “How it works” section bitmask.net/en/features/email

Its better to start from the users point of view then the platforms point of view which i found confusing.

Anonymous VPN explaination needed here bitmask.net/en/help/vpn/android

Lets add a link at the bottom of this that explains the difference between anon and non anon usage. I didnt see this in the /features vpn details section.

All links that go to leap.se should indicate this.

I think there should be a 3rd level nav for the landing page.

So when i click on help, i think it would be more clear if there was an “overview” link selected in the left hand nav.

Add “Install extenstion and restart Thunderbird” to the Bitmask Thunderbird Extension Section


  1. Install Bitmask app and register for an account.
  2. Install the Bitmask Thunderbird Extension. From within Thunderbird, select the menu items Tools > Add Ons… and then search for “Bitmask”.
  3. Install extenstion and restart Thunderbird
  4. Once the extension is installed, you can add an email account from the Thunderbird menu item File > New > Bitmask Account…


Bitmask Help Screenshot Additions


leap.se – the for users section on the home page should link to bitmask.net.

It should say “We have created Bitmask, an open source application to provide easy and secure encrypted communication.”


bitmask app

in main window of bitmask there needs to be a way to launch email clients.

  • Bitmask Mail launch
  • Alternatively you can configure your own mail client. Link to how to page

Preferences panel, when emai service is selected there should be an email icon in the left column.