Bradford Zine Fayre 2010

detials of teh zine fayre so i don't forget.

Stalls booked in;

  • Marching Stars (Nottingham)
  • Jeez Louise (Leeds)
  • Aspire Mag
  • memo and the fine city friends (Helen Entwistle – art zine from Leeds)
  • Other Asias
  • Hive/Radical Routes (Bratfud)
  • Mrs Sew and Sew (Bratfud)
  • Constipated Rhythms (Nottingham)
  • Ont’ Road Zine (Luke Blackburn)
  • Reet! comic (Dewsbury)
  • Banal Pig Comics
  • The Proles Zine (Tim Green)
  • CHEAP Mag (on gmail acc)

Possible Stallholders

  • Northern Indymedia online zine library


  • Lizzy (Marching Stars) on zine distros
  • Me on the kerb crawl zine (we’ll make it and then put it online)

Gig/Evening Ents

  • Violet Violet
  • Numm Tongues
  • The Flaps
  • Fanny Accordion and Heavy D

Individual zines recieved/coming

  • Triumph
  • Wanderer
  • Fliss’ (VV) zine
  • Cheese and Wine Zine (London)
  • Chris Browning (
  • Cunningham Ammendment