Nick moves back home [3]

I promise I’ll be a good girl. But I left you a present under my pillow. Have a good day, Uncle Nick!” followed by three grinning devil emojis.
He pushed back the sheets and, only in his boxers, walked down the hall to his niece’s bedroom. The door was open. Her dresser was topped with volleyball and basketball trophies, medals, and ribbons. He inspected each, proud of her accomplishments, and then went to the head of her bed, and lifted the pillow.
There were her pink panties, rolled neatly into a little ball.
From Anna’s photo yesterday, Nick surmised that she had worn them all day, and he couldn’t wait to inhale their sweet scent. But as he picked them up, he quickly realized that they were soaking wet. Little did he know, but she had spent the entire early morning masturbating in her silky pink panties, thinking about her hot uncle, rubbing herself for hours over the top of her panties, pulling them up inside her wet pussy lips, soaking them with her juices, until she fingered herself to completion and used her panties to wipe up her oozing girl cum.
Without hesitation, Nick pushed down his boxers and reclined onto Anna’s bed. His dick was instantly rock hard as he first licked and sucked the delectable juices from her moist panties and inhaled them deeply. He was about to wrap them around his cock, when he looked down and thought, “these will feel a lot better after a good trim.”