Wild Magic Ch 1-3

She stirred, and I felt her grip my cock and seemed to be examining it. She pumped it slowly and looked at it from every angle. She caressed my dick, held it gently against her face, and toyed with it. She wasn’t trying to make me cum. She seemed to just be taking a moment to enjoy it.
We lay there, softly enjoying each other’s sex for a while, until my dick was drawn into a soft, warm, and wet place. At first she just suckled on the tip and let her hands do the work. A fresh surge of blood seemed to rush to my dick, and she noticed my dick growing harder in her hands.
She took more into her mouth, and began gently fucking me with her lips and tongue. Her one hand gripped the base of my cock as the other caressed my balls. The room was filled with gurgling and slurping sounds as the storm carried on outside.
I pulled her tightly against me again and started tonguing her tight anus. I felt her try to moan around my cock in her mouth. Her legs gave out as she collapsed onto my face. Her pussy was against my chin as I licked her freshly cleaned asshole, and her body felt like a ragdoll on top of me.
Her mouth biporno.top kept up, however, and I felt my balls tightening. She noticed, too. She tried to take more of my cock into her, and I felt the head of my dick reach the back of her mouth, then squeeze into her throat. She pressed until her nose was pressed into my balls.