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How to Perfect the Main Body of the Essay – 2022 Guideline


The main body of the essay is made up of the body paragraphs of the essay. The thesis statement dictates the content of the paragraphs, with each paragraph discussing a different idea or claim. During the essay writing process in any essay writing service, you should make sure that each paragraph in the main body should have a clear and logical flow to it, with the arguments and claims backed by strong evidence. 


Parts of the main body paragraph

The body paragraphs vary in their constituents from one essay to another. But most of the essays include the following (parts specific to persuasive and argumentative essays are indicated):

Topic Sentence

The topic sentence will introduce what the paragraph is going to discuss. It won’t be more than one or two sentences and should be the first sentence that the readers read in the paragraph. Get real-time experience at write my essay.



The idea or the claim will be given background information in the sentences that follow. This is to get a better understanding of the claim and its dynamics.



The arguments that you will propose will be stated in a clear manner. It will be connected to your central thesis of the essay. 



No argument is complete without its evidence. You should make sure the evidence supports the argument and is relevant to what you propose.


Counterargument and rebuttal (part of the persuasive essay)

Your argument will not be strengthened if you don’t present to the reader the prospected counters to the argument. In this part, you shouldn’t ignore any counter that you think makes your thesis weak. Instead, you should encourage yourself to include them in, and strengthen the thesis by absorbing them into your main argument. 



The conclusion should connect the idea to the main thesis of the essay, and show how takes forward the main argument. 

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Focused Paragraphs

The main idea of the paragraph should be mentioned first and foremost in the topic sentence— usually the first sentence of the paragraph. This allows the reader to know what the paragraph will discuss and connect it to the main thesis of the essay. 

Every point you make in the essay should be backed by evidence. If you cannot find any then it’s better to not include it in the paragraph, no matter how unique the idea or point is. 

The evidence should be reflected upon and the reader should be told how and why the evidence backs the argument you made. The evidence can come from many sources but it’s important for you to use evidence from credible sources, such as journal articles, books, and reports. The evidence can take the form of statistics, facts, research findings, quotations, surveys, etc. 

The body paragraphs are like the essay itself. They have an introduction, a discussion, and finally the conclusion. Each body paragraph will end by connecting the argument or the claim of the paragraph with the central thesis. You should explain how it contributes to the main thesis and why it’s important.


Connected Paragraphs

The paragraphs should be governed by a logical flow within the paragraphs, and in between the paragraphs. The reader should delineate between the various parts of the body paragraph. 

You should avoid repeating ideas that have been discussed elsewhere in the essay. If the idea is similar to one in another paragraph, then it is advisable that you merge the two ideas into a single and stronger paragraph.

You should help your reader focus their attention on the important parts of the paragraphs as well as guide them through the various parts. Transitioning from the argument, the evidence, to the analysis should be assisted by transition words if needed, otherwise, the logical flow should orient the reader. 

Remember, that by reading only the first and the last sentence of the paragraph your paragraphs should make sense in relation to the thesis, and in case you forgot something about this then you can consult any writer to ask him/her to write my paper



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