Yes, make it happen,” Alana and I reply in unison ten minutes later as Janet brings me off with her hand.
A week later Alana and I are expecting Barry and Janet as we shower together and prepare for them. “Are you excited at the thought of a man your have never met before giving you a blow job while Janet and I watch?,” Alana asks with a hand on my flaccid cock as she shaves me, leaving just a neat, triangular tuft above my cock.
Yes baby, I am, I love flaunting my thick, fully erect cock for a new man to turn him on before he blows me, new sexual pleasure for me, how about you?”
I am excited at the thought of Barry being impressed and turned on when he sees how big you are. Your turn on is my turn on honey, so really turn me on. Perhaps Janet can pleasure me at the same time?”
Just as Janet promised, Barry is a pretty boy I muse as we look over each other without a word being said as he enters almost naked, wearing just a tight leather jock strap. We had watched Janet help him undress in the next room on the CCTV. A blond with a slim, toned, body in his late-twenties.