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How to choose a profession for a student?

Choosing a profession is task number 1 for a high school student. After all, this is planning at least 4 years of a child’s life, which often costs a lot of money. How can you help a teenager decide on the choice of a profession? Is it possible to do this on your own, without the help of a career counselor, a psychologist? We will answer all questions and consider the stages of proper career guidance.

Career guidance is an adult and rather difficult process for 14-17 years old. Unfortunately, not everyone pays enough attention to this issue, and many people still have an association that career guidance is only testing.

Let’s figure out what stages a high-quality vocational guidance consists of – how to choose the right specialty for admission.

Stage 1. Self-knowledge.
Self-awareness is an endless process, but the sooner we launch it, the sooner we will find ourselves and realize our potential. The test is the most popular method for determining personality type, abilities, interests and inclinations – it is the foundation for further work. If you test a child by writing a written work, then you can see by his skills what he is capable of. Koneshno for this you need with the help of essay writer service see how it is written in order to write quality work in the future. But in addition to it, we also use different questionnaires, communication with a psychologist, all kinds of interactions in groups – all these methods reveal even more the personality of a teenager and help to understand who he is, what values he has and how he sees his future. Very often a teenager cannot formulate what is interesting to him and what he wants.But this does not mean that the child has no interests – it means that you need to work with him: ask him as many questions as possible, conduct an analysis, observe his emotions. It is also important to observe that if he is striving for creativity then take advantage of college essay help and hone the skills of creative thinking. This is important when taking the test. That is why, to choose a profession, we recommend not to do with just one test – this is not enough.

Stage 2. Study of current professions and selection of interesting specialties.
To do this, it is necessary to figure out what forms of activity exist, what areas the teenager considers interesting, to study the current classifier of professions. In addition to the recommendations received as a result of testing, it is important for a child to understand how the labor market works, what is relevant now and what exactly arouses interest and curiosity in him. If he wants to be a writer, then you need to analyze this profession, not only how relevant it is, but whether he can cope with writing a written work. To do this, it is important to take advantage of polish your writing skills. This way you will be able to show for one or another profession and encourage him to choose a profession that matches his creative potential.
Stage 3. Analysis of the compiled list of professions.
Next, you need to analyze each profession you like, determine its basic requirements and select only those specialties that correspond to the personality type of the teenager. Here it is important to focus and understand what you like; what fits; in which profession the student’s personal qualities and work responsibilities are most effectively combined; whether such work will be enjoyable and how long will the fuse last. We spend most of our time at work. Accordingly, a profession to our liking can make us happy, and work that does not bring pleasure will be a stable cause for depression and frustration.

Stage 4. Detailed study of the chosen professions.
Here you should study each profession as much as possible, from all sides: what specific responsibilities the work consists of; what kind of education is needed; development options in this direction; average salary of a specialist, etc. At this stage, not everyone succeeds in choosing one, the best specialty – there may be 2-3 of them in the final list, but this is not scary. Because the next step is practice.

Stage 5. Practice.
Any theory needs practice. To understand whether it is “your”, it is important to try it. Now we have an ocean of opportunities: volunteering; online resources; there are many positive and open employers who are ready to communicate with students and are ready to show them the work process from the inside. One has only to want it! The main thing is not to be shy: look for new acquaintances, part-time jobs, volunteering – everything that can help you finally decide which profession to choose.Stage 6. Planning.

When the choice is made, it is very important not to relax and not postpone tasks for later. You need to be able to plan, have time to step by step closer to the goal. Self-organization, like other relevant skills, is being taught today. After all, this is what directly affects the effectiveness of training and work. Self-development is a perpetual motion machine: the more we invest in ourselves, the further and faster we go forward.

That is why our ideal formula for career guidance for schoolchildren = choice of profession + development (growing up). These are two complementary bases that solve the key problems of adolescence and help children grow up correctly: learn to make decisions, be responsible for their lives, be able to interact in a team, be able to analyze information, and much more. We have combined these bases into the “I know, I want to” course and we see that this approach works best of all. It’s cool when you can learn the necessary skills in advance and save yourself from mistakes out of ignorance. It’s cool to realize that YOU COULD not be afraid.
Is it possible to choose a profession on your own without resorting to the help of specialists?
Yes, but it will take more time, and adult help is still desirable. It will be difficult for a child at this age to work out each stage with high quality, since for this he must have a high level of self-motivation, self-learning, and purposefulness. Therefore, parents or specialists should help him in this, guide, check the results.Of course, in the modern rhythm of life, it is unrealistic for many parents to do such a colossal work with a child, which is why there are career guidance courses, where professionals guarantee the result and save the parents’ time. On this site you can get acquainted with the services of career guidance and development of adolescents – leave a request and get detailed advice.
Remember: the correct career guidance in adolescence can significantly reduce the number of risks and failures in the future of your children. A goal and burning eyes instead of confusion and self-doubt are the best that you can give your high school student.